Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

After really poor internet service yesterday, which I blame on the 100 plus degrees outside, today isn't much better. I will endeavor to keep this quick, and pray I don't end up swearing at the computer again. Our internet was so slow that it reminded me of the good old days on dial up, when I would be stupid enough to try and download pictures!

I have been thinking a great deal about the upcoming Superman books story arc "New Krypton". I am extremely torn. Writers Geoff Johns and James Robinson make reading the two core titles, Action and Superman, really great reads. Then I get upset when I think about having to add several specials as well as the Supergirl title to my monthl pull. I don't want to and can't afford to. Is it worth it to add several books when the main titles are excellent? Help me out here.

I am similarly torn with all the JSA/Kingdom Come tie-ins. It is already very expensive to follow the Final Crisis and Secret Invasion books now, with DC and Marvel both having events in full swing. How can I possibly add more? This freaking sucks, for lack of a better phrasing.

It appears many fans are upset about the sixth Harry Potter movie being moved back to summer 2009. While that is bummer news, it will probably be best to have the movie open when all the factors concerned are as best as they can be. If the writer's strike and the timing are the reasons, so be it. As long as the darn movie hits the screens eventually! At least I have Twilight to pine for now. LOL.

My DCBS order should be here Tuesday, so I am very excited. Also, I am thrilled that the heat wave is supposed to break tomorrow, even though there may be thunder and lightning. This hot weather is killing me!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! I will see you here tomorrow with the upcoming week's pull list.


Saranga said...

I knwo what you mean about buying all the tie ins.
One possibility is to wait until the trades come out and read them all then, they're usually cheaper, or buy digital comics from ebay.. Which are probably illegal but a lot cheaper so it depends on where your morals lie.
The Supergirl title is pretty good, its had it's rubbish moments but definitley seems to have settled down now.
I'm about to add Action comics to my pull list but I'll wait and see how the internets review the specials before buying them. Unless it's centred on Supergirl, in which case of course I shall buy them, because I'm a sucker for Kara.

Heidi Meeley said...

Saranga, I really want to get the Superman crossovers, but there are so many specials I keep seeing solicited that it makes me nervous. I can tell you and I feel the same way about this!

I was considering going the trade route, so that may be the perfect thing.

Is the Supergirl book decent again? I gave it up in disgust awhile back.

Saranga said...

Supergirl has got better. Partly because of the art - since Renato Guedes did a few issues they've been getting better artists in. But bear in mind I prefer mroe realistic depicitons, and I don't like Michael Turner - whereas I think you do?
The stories and characterisation have got better too - Kara is now more mature and grounded, whilst still being troubled about big issues. She's not a snarky stuck up 16 year old anymore. Mind you, I also liked those issues so I'm possibly not the best judge!
they've got (yet another) new team starting soon so it may make sense to pick it up when that happens?