Monday, November 14, 2005

Up and Coming Females #6: Zephyr Noble

Noble Causes 13
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In Noble Causes, Zephyr Noble has been through the ringer. She was a slutty, irresponsible girl who got pregnant by her brother's best friend's dad, for God's sake! Zephyr survived the birth, but thinks she has lost her baby, forcing her to retreat into the shadows and grow up. In the most recent issue, Zephyr is showing signs of becoming the kind of female character that I would name an up and comer!

Zephyr is one of a high profiled, super powered family. Her father is a genius inventor and her mother has elemental powers. Her brother Rusty was critically injured and maintains a robotic body, while his ex-wife Celeste fooled around with bad half brother Frost. Celeste is currently in a woman to woman relationship that is still top secret and could cause problems down the road. The only seemingly normal sibling is Race, who married a "regular" wife, Liz Donnelly.

Noble Causes is a fun, gossipy comic book. It recalls the old school soap operas, like Dynasty and Dallas. Creator Jay Faerber is at the top of his game on this book, as you can tell he loves the characters.

I have to vote for Zephyr as #6 on my list for no other reason then her sheer potential. She is turning from a cookie cutter shrew into a three dimensional character with feelings and a sense of maturity. Two thumbs up!

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