Saturday, November 12, 2005

Up and Coming Females #8: New Retro Girl (Calista)

Calista, the little girl who captivated readers in the first Powers story arc "Who Killed Retro Girl", has become a super hero herself. Due to some bizarre kind of reincarnation, Calista now has powers and skills similar to the original Retro Girl. Though it concerns Detective Christian Walker, who has taken on a father/protector type of role, Calista is determined to bring Retro Girl to life through her abilities.

Powers is an interesting comic book. In it's origins is the fact that there are several heroes who are immortal and have lived throughout the ages. Some have retained their memories throughout time, and others have had their memories fade as time goes by. Christian is one such individual. He can remember his life for a couple of normal lifetimes, but can remember no further back.

With Calista, she was a normal 9 year old who has grown into a 14 year old with powers like those of Retro Girl. Because super heroes are not allowed in current society, she faces a challenge like no other. Her instincts are good, but her maturity is not up to par with where Christian wants it to be. She also has foggy memories of how to use her gifts, but not a specific cue. For cute little smart ass Calista, life has become very confusing. She is being as courageous as possible and trying to be the best hero she can be.

I would like to see creator Brian Michael Bendis put the spotlight on Calista in an upcoming story arc in Powers. I think there is a great deal of untapped potential that could take her very far and make her as popular a character as Christian or Detective Deena Pilgrim. It does remain to be seen.

Unfortunately, my scanner is on the fritz and I couldn't find a good picture of Calista as Retro Girl on the internet. If you get a chance, take a look at issues 1, 2, or 3 of Volume two of Powers that is being published by Marvel and you will see what I mean.

Calista definitely gets my vote as an up and comer simply for the potential she has to be such a great character.

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