Thursday, November 17, 2005

Up and Coming Females #3: Red Sonja

Red Sonja
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Back in the day, Red Sonja was one of the original "bad girls". Armored in a metal bikini, Sonja fought off the most vicious of barbarians using only her sword and her wits. Completely unaware of the hubbub her appearance might cause, Sonja was a mercenary to the core. There was a small soft spot, but a woman on her own in the dark ages was a rarity, so Red Sonja couldn't leave much room for weakness to be sure.

With Dynamite Entertainment's revival of Red Sonja, new readers are getting an opportunity to give the sword wielding she-devil a try. So far, the series has been late, which has caused some problems, but the overall content has been pretty good. Mel Rubi's art concentrates on the ferocity underneath the hot bod. Her intentions seem slightly noble, but her solitary ways are well in place.

Biggest complaint: multiple variant covers that are irritating because of the transparent marketing gimmick. Look, it's a hot chick on the cover- let's buy one of each! Argh!! I hate that.

Otherwise, I am happy to see Red Sonja back in the present. I first encountered her back in the 1970's as part of "The Superhero Women" trade paperback by Marvel. From that moment on, Red Sonja was cool to me. I even kind of liked the Brigitte Nielson movie, for God's sake.

Red Sonja rates on my list of up and comers for being back and as bad-ass as ever. She may be all bad girl on the outside, but she is sheer survivor on the inside. You gotta like that- she's a crowd pleaser.

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