Sunday, November 13, 2005

Up and Coming Females #7: Atom Eve

Atom Eve
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One of the saddest moments of the great Image series Invincible isn't when the title character and his dad have a throw down, even though it does rank. It isn't even when Mark has to clean up after his mom in her grief. One of the saddest moments for me is when Atom Eve decided to quit the super hero business and do missionary work. Say it isn't so, Robert Kirkman.

Atom Eve is one of those female characters who resonates right away. Eve is a down to earth girl who welcomes Mark as Invincible when he makes his heroic debut. When he finds that she attends his school, they further build an actual freaking friendship. Since both have other romantic interests, the readers get to know Eve as the uneasy heroine who is so spectacular, but so ill at ease in her own skin. When her boyfriend cheats on her, our hearts break right there with her.

I know that Invincible is in the middle of another series changing story arc, so it may be awhile before Kirkman gets back to Eve, but my hope is that he does. Atom Eve is a great character who has been sorely underused as of late. I would even push so far as to see a mini-series for this great female.

Atom Eve is a character with oodles of potential. Let's hope that we can learn more about her then the brief origin story that was told in issue #25.

You heard it hear loudly and proudly: Bring back Atom Eve!!


Melchior del DariƩn said...


Thanks for this list! I look forward to reading future installments and seeing who will fill your remaining slots.

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you! I am enjoying running through this list, as it may draw attention to a newer, fun character. Hopefully I can wrap it up before the Thanksgiving holidays!