Friday, November 11, 2005

Up and Coming Females #10: Toybox from Top 10

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From the mind of Alan Moore and his ABC Comics imprint is one of the most compelling new characters around. Her name is Robyn Slinger, but she is also known as Toybox. A second generation hero, she has taken her father's army of mechanical toys and is now a member of the city's police department squad "Top Ten".

Robyn has the dubious honor of being a friend and former partner to Smax, the department's grouch. Robyn accompanied Smax to his home planet and discovered the truth behind his oddness and distant behavior in the "Smax" Mini-seres. Robyn also gained experience and confidence in herself during this time.

Robyn has gotten to know her fellow team members and doesn't seem to carry any beefs. She is professional and mature beyond her years. In the first Top Ten maxi-series, Robyn proved her prowess with her army of toys and common sense approach to the strangest of events. Of all the characters in the Top Ten world, Robyn stands out and brings a common thread to the reader because of her inherent normalcy. She also deals with her father's alzheimers, and cares for him when she gets home at night.

In the current Top Ten mini-series "Beyond the Farthest Precinct", Robyn has a boyfriend that we don't know much about, and she isn't partnered with Smax anymore. Robyn also brought her father to the Top Ten picnic, and seems more comfortable with his illness. What the rest of the mini stands to bring to the Toybox character, I can only guess, but can hardly wait to find out.

If you had been curious about Top Ten but hadn't picked it up, grab the trade if you have a chance. Alan Moore and original artist Gene Ha bring a vivid picture of the fantastic, mixing the mundane with the extraordinary. Toybox is a great character, and I hope that the current creative team maintains her "every woman" essence while continuing her growth.

For her grace under pressure and outstanding sense of edgy fashion, Robyn Slinger is my #10 Up and Comer!


Vaklam said...

Great choice! Robyn's one of my favorite characters in any comic.

Speaking of female characters in Top Ten, I really like what Moore and Ha did with them. There was a great variety of characters in general, of course, but the women really stood out in my opinion. From Peregrine to Irma to Girl One there was a wonderful spectrum there.

Heidi Meeley said...

Amen. The cast of Top Ten is incredible. It was tough to single Robyn out, with such a strong cast of characters.

I can only hope that readers who haven't had the chance to check out Top Ten give it a look. The book is sensational, a true Moore landmark to me.