Friday, December 30, 2005

Best and Worst of 2005 #3: Seven Soldiers Victorious While Scarlet Witch Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut

As 2006 gets closer, the numbers get smaller on my list of best and worst of 2005. Though my choices may not match the majority's opinion, they are mine and I am sticking to them.

BEST #3: Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison Amaze and Impress!
I will admit it upfront: I am a huge fan of Grant Morrison's writing. I still go back and read his Invisibles run and think that his JLA and New X-Men runs are benchmarks of both series. This in mind, I had no qualms in making a year long commitment to Morrison and his ambitious project "Seven Soldiers".

From the first page of Shining Knight, I have been hooked. With four issue series on said Knight, Zatanna, Klarion, and The Guardian in the can, I am more committed then ever to seeing this through to the end. Each mini has redefined the character and left clues leading up to the final bookend this Spring 2006.

Currently Morrison has The Bulleteer, Frankenstein, and Mister Miracle in play. As much as I like the first four mini's, I can see that Morrison has saved the best for last. There are more clues, and the characters are as compelling as they come.

Where Seven Soldiers fits into DC Continuity, I am not quite certain yet, but knowing that Morrison is one of the architects of the post-crisis universe is the icing on the cake.

WORST #3: Scarlet Witch Becomes Most Hated Female in the Marvel Universe.
Back in September, Scarlet Witch made my list of Most Hated Female Characters. It surprised me as much as it surprised anyone else, believe me.
For years, I have loved the Scarlet Witch. I would go so far as to say she was my favorite Avenger. Then Avengers Dissembled happened and I hated her for her weakness.

The great thing Scarlet Witch did this year was whisper "no more mutants". It will bring a new status quo to the Marvel mutants, and allow for some great story telling (hopefully). Whispering that was also the worst thing she could have done. She has irrevocably changed things she had no business to change. Her character has become extremely unlikable and she is now a villain of the highest order.

While the story itself was good, the damage has been done. I want Scarlet Witch to suffer.


Jhunt said...

The only aspect of 7S that seems to be dramatically out-of-sync with normal DCU continuity is the dramatic reinterpretation of the Fourth World characters in Mister Miracle, especially Darkseid. Morrison's transformation of the Kirby creations into modern day urban baddies just doesn't mesh with the DCU, where the Apokalypse crew are still in play.

Heidi Meeley said...

It is very interesting that you brought this up, because I had pondered it pretty seriously as well. At first I thought it was Morrison's version of reinvention, but now I am wondering what has scared the New Gods so much that they are hiding on earth? Are they messing with Mister Miracle's mind or are they hiding from an evil threat that frightens even them?

That was my thought after much consideration. I too hope that the motivation into turning them into urban baddies wasn't just a moment of character re-creation, but has something to do with the story at hand.

Great thought- I wonder how it will play out?