Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal Wins The Apprentice but Loses My Respect

Last night on the live finale of The Apprentice, Donald Trump picked Rhodes Scholar Randal Pinkett to be his Apprentice. While Randal was a shoe-in from the get-go, his final competitor Rebecca Jarvis was a shining star as well. When asked by Trump after winning if Rebecca should be hired as well, Randal answered a resounding "no. It is The Apprentice, not The Apprenti,", ending her chances of a job with Trump.

While I appreciate that Randal wanted to be the sole winner, he had a great opportunity to show what a team player he could be by allowing Rebecca to come into the Trump fold. He was the WINNER already- having Rebecca on board didn't change that. What Randal did was cost Rebecca a great opportunity for her future, and in my eyes that isn't right.

My hope is that Trump hires Rebecca anyway. After the show, with the lights off, on the way to the after-party, I hope he took her aside and offered her a position in his organization.

Both Randal and Rebecca were outstanding players. I was pretty sure that Randal was going to win because of his age and experience, but was hoping for the concession at the end for Rebecca, the most level-headed 24 year old on earth. Too bad Randal couldn't see that as well.

I don't think I will bother to watch The Apprentice next season, if for no other reason then to not have to be bitterly disapointed by a final calculated maneuver. I also will never look at Randal the same way. He lost a lot of respect in my eyes by not being able to share a bit of the moment with a fellow human being.


kalinara said...

It's very disappointing. He seemed like the most together and nice person there too. That really seemed rather low.

Well, Rebecca'll certainly land on her feet regardless. Still, it was an awful thing to do.

Ragnell said...

Didn't actually see it, but I'm sure it'll come back on him eventually, I'm sure.

And a lot of potential bosses saw Rebecca on the TV show. She'll definately land on her feet if she's as level-headed as described.

Heidi Meeley said...

It is Sunday, and I am still a bit perturbed about Randal's decision. I agree that Rebecca will definitely land on her feet, and get tons of offers, but it would have been really great to see some follow-up on how the two new "Apprenti" were doing.

I like the term wanker- it fits here completely. I guess that if the old karma wheel has a chance to go around, he will feel it some other way.

I am glad to not be the only one who thought Randal was completely out of his mind. He should have taken a moment to think it through at least!