Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Best and Worst of 2005 #6: Captain America Scores and Nightwing Bores

Captain America 1
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It's a new day and time for number 6 on my best and worst list.

BEST #6: New Captain America series by Brubaker and Epting
I always thought that bringing back Bucky would be lame. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting proved me wrong in a big way. Full of superior scripting and eye-popping art, I clammer each month to get my hands on a copy of the newest issue. If you haven't been checking out Captain America, pick up the trade or find the back issues. It is truly some of the best writing this year.

WORST #6: Nightwing Series From DC
I want to qualify that I like Devin Grayson as a writer. When she worked on Batman: Gotham Knights, I was very impressed. Since she has taken over Nightwing, it has all changed for the worse. Dick Grayson lost his X Factor- that something special that made women love him and men want to be him. In my mind's eye, Dick was always the IT guy because he wasn't as scary as Batman but he was also very fit and had the sweetest crush on Barbara Gordon. In the past year, Dick has gotten badly hurt, his life destroyed, and has gotten in with the mob. It might have a point, but I am missing it. I want the daring boy on the flying trapeze back, dammit! What happened to his chivalry and level-head?

Devin and Dick may share a last name, but they don't seem to have the symbiotic bond I had hoped for. I don't know what changes 2006 and the "One Year Later" will bring, but it can hopefully only improve things.

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