Saturday, December 10, 2005

Continuing My Bedside Reading

Wonder Woman 166
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What a day today! It has been nine days since my surgery so I attempted driving. I am not on percoset anymore- just ibuprofen, so I figured it would be alright. Jim and I took it slow and went by my office to survey the damage and then on to buy a new printer/scanner since ours has been DOA for about four months. It went pretty well, but sitting here after installing the printer, I am amazingly tired.

This just lets me know that I have to remember to take time to heal, and not try and come back too quickly. Jim was very supportive, and knew I was tired before I did, so he shut me down. What a guy!

In bedside reading news, I finished the Eric Luke run on Wonder Woman last night. I was surprised how focused his run was on the godwave and the impact that Diana's dieties have on her life. I think that Luke's focus has continued to the current storyline, which is a tribute of sorts to him. Of course, the Greek Gods have always played a large role in Diana's world, but to see the gods and their godwave play such a pivotal role was a jolting reminder of how he played out his tenure. The downside in his run is the character Devastation. In my mind, she was a great idea, but a lot of the things she brought to the table were attributes Wonder Woman had fought in Circe. It is interesting to note that since Luke left, Deva hasn't played any type of role. I wonder if she will pop up again or if her time is done.

I just started the Phil Jimenez run, and am on issue 166, pictured at right. Phil's art is so astounding to me, that I tend to get lost in the pretty pictures very easily. I do have to say that the "Gods Of Gotham" story to me is one of his weakest, but it did start his run off with a bang. My favorite, if memory serves, is the "Day in the Life" story with Lois Lane that is up and coming. We shall see if my memory is correct very soon.

Thank you again for the well-wishes. I am so thankful to have such a great group of people to interact with on the 'net. You are positive, intelligent, wonderful people, and I feel fortunate for the heartfeltness of your replies.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening and take care!

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