Friday, December 23, 2005

Best and Worst of 2005 #9: Sin City Rules and Fanboys Bad Behavior

Sin City DVD
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It's time for number 9 on my list of the best and worst of 2005. After much consideration, it is time to go to the movies- comic ones of course.

BEST #9: Sin City and Batman Begins.
It was nice to have some success in the box office and DVD market with quality comic book movie fare. Sin City stayed true to the original vision of Frank Miller, and while it caught flack for that, it also melted the hard hearts of fervent fanboys everywhere. I loved every minute, and of course held out for the special edition DVD set.

Batman Begins was a triumph on many levels. It brought credibility back to the Batman franchise and started up DC's quest to get in the comic book movie game again. Christian Bale and Michael Caine wowed me with truthful, classy performances. The vision and the pacing, and of course lack of Bat Nipples, brought fans back after a long dry spell of alienation.

WORST #9: Fanboy Stereotyping.
No matter what your passion is, there is always some rotten egg out to ruin it for the rest of the bunch. In this case it is the general population that cannot get past the fact that not all comic book fans are drooling, stinky, virginal idiots. My friends cannot believe I read comics because I don't match their vision of what a fan should be. "You're always clean and you have a great job," I hear. "You and Jim seem so normal" is another one.

Cynical fanboys of the world, help me out here. I am not going back in the reader closet. General population- give me a break. We're here to stay.

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