Monday, December 12, 2005

New Comics for December 12

Punisher Silent Night
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It is sure nice to be feeling good enough to post my list of new comics for the week. I am still tiring easily, so I can't do what my brain insists is normal, making each day a challenge to meet in the middle!

It is going to be a good week for comics this week, especially with my good friend The Punisher's Holiday Special "Silent Night" hitting newstands this week. See the picture at right for clarification. I always like a good Punisher holiday book, and this is no exception.

Without further ado, here is my list.

Samurai Heaven & Earth #5 (of 5) FINALLY!!
100 Bullets #67
Action Comics #834
Aquaman #37
Fables #44
Green Arrow #57
Hawkman #47
JLA #123
Nightwing #115
Teen Titans #30
Wildcats Nemesis #4 (0f 9)
Noble Causes #15
Ghost Rider #4 (of 6)
GLX-Mas Special
Marvel Knights 4 $25
Marvel Knights Spider-Man #21
New Thunderbolts #16
New X-Men #21
Secret War #5 (of 5) - A DOUBLE FINALLY ON THIS ONE
Son of M #1 (of 6)
Ultimate Iron Man #5 (of 5)
Uncanny X-Men #467
X-Factor #1
X-Men #179

I am still finding it a bit painful to sit and check the internet for long periods of time, so that is it for today. Take care and have a wonderful week!


Melchior del Darién said...

A nice, healthy-sized list for you this week! I'm most looking forward to reading Green Arrow (Dr Light is still very pissed off); New X-Men (will X-23 finally be integrated into this book?); and Uncanny X-Men (cliff-hanger explosion from last issue).

Good to see that you're feeling well enough to post and surf the net.

Carl said...

Holy, ummm, Christmas! I had (still have it in my pics, just not the main one) that Punisher Christmas picture on my "myspace" site! I decided to change it this morning to last year's "Punisher's Red X-Mas". I got the image a few weeks back from "The Punisher Archives".
Welp, glad to see you are posting again and everything turned out like an early Christmas gift! I've been a bit grumpy with all the holiday bidness and busyness but checking back here made me feel a lot better.
I am still behind on my comics and purchasing only a few. But I know I will have to have at least the Punisher special. Oh yeah, I changed my blog's title to:
"It's Christmas With The Punisher!"
You can see it here:
See you later, boobye!

Heidi Meeley said...

I am really enjoying this week's stuff so far. I am also interested to see what happens to Ollie. He is one of my favorite male characters. Also, the aftermath of House of M has made a lot of changes in the X-Titles, so I am fascinated to see how that goes.

Thank you for the well-wishes as well. I am feeling better. Still sore, but not like right after the surgery. Feeling more lucid is much better as well!

Carl, I am going to go check out your "my space" and see what's up. Too cool. Don't let the holidays stress you. I got carried away yesterday and wore myself out, trying to get all the Christmas stuff done, so I can feel you when you say it makes you a bit grumpy.

Have a good day!