Thursday, December 29, 2005

Best and Worst of 2005 #4: Loving the Lunas While Alias Fails to Impress

Ultra 1
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Here I am, finally back today with number four on my list! Jim and I share a computer so we have to take turns. Ah, marital bliss. On to the countdown!

BEST #4: The Luna Brothers.

They caught my attention with the incredible Image mini-series Ultra. From then on they have done nothing but impress. Girls is the title of their new series and it fits, but not in the way you would suspect. Part Horror, part thriller, Girls is a fresh, compelling book that I eagerly await month after month.

To top it off, the Luna Brothers have upped the ante with a job at Marvel. They are working on Spider-Woman Origin with Brian Michael Bendis, and issue one (that just came out) is a revelation.

With a commitment to teamwork and sharing equal credit, I see a great future for Jonathan and Joshua Luna. Great talent and a friendly, agressive attitude will take them far. I am greatly looking forward to getting in line to meet them at the Emerald City Con this April 1 and 2.

WORST #4: Alias Enterprises Fails to Impress.

When I first saw Alias' entries in Previews, I was really thrilled. With Mike S. Miller as creative director, and such great solicitations, it had to be the next great thing, right?

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. I saw the Alias booth at a Portland Con in 2004, and bought Lullaby and Lions, Tigers, and Bears. I really liked both. That is the last time I had a good Alias experience.

The first slew of comics came out late and in a big spurt so it was hectic. I thought 10th Muse was okay, but was underwhelmed by Killer Stunts, Deal with the Devil, Pakkins Land, Judo Girl, Isis, Lethal Instinct, and especially Penny & Aggie. Yes, I really bought and read them all, and because Preview is a couple of months ahead, I bought them for months after. My pocket book and my sense of disapointment both shrieked for release.

The final straw for me was the breaking of Lions, Tigers, and Bears creator Mike Bullock with Alias. If a great guy like Mike leaves, what does that say about the inner workings of the situation?

When I see Alias books at the comic book shop, I walk on by. My comic shop lady quit ordering the new stuff to boot, based on the fact that not a SINGLE customer stuck with any titles, except 10th Muse. She also ordered one copy of Lullaby II and that was for a customer. Too bad.

At any rate, I am sorely disapointed at the reality of the situation based on how excited I was initially. I wrote an e-mail to Alias, but never heard back, so I will have to rely on them maybe reading it here. You let me down and I won't forget all the money I spent easily.


Melchior del DariƩn said...


I really like that you're pairing the good with the bad in your list; it's nice to see a balanced approach.

It definitely looks like the Luna brothers are going to have a breakout year; Wizard magazine certainly thinks they're the best thing since sliced bread. I know I'm not the most objective guy you'll find when it comes to Jessica Drew, but I enjoyed S-W: Origin, too. (I especially liked the "I'm bored" sequence, where she begins to manifest her powers, and her first venom blasts in the final pages.)

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for the compliment- I am trying to balance the good with the bad for a new approach. It has made it very interesting posting wise.

The Luna Brothers are definitely hot on the radar this year and in the upcoming year. I too enjoyed the first issue of the Spider-Woman Origin limited series, and am looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer. Girls has amazed me from day one as well.