Sunday, December 18, 2005

Missing Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows 16
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Last night, as I endeavored to go back and read through old favorites, I stumbled upon my Liberty Meadows collection. Remembering how fond I am of the book, I re-read all the issues I had. It made me realize how much I miss Liberty Meadows.

I know that Frank Cho is a seriously busy guy, with a wonderful wife, two young children and some major jobs with Marvel, but I miss being able to go to the comic book shop on a bi-monthly basis and picking up the latest adventures of Brandy, Frank, Leslie, Ralph, Truman, Dean, and Oscar. Those characters have a life of their own, and never cease to entertain. Liberty Meadows is an intriguing, fun place that I like to visit.

At last count, issue 36 was the most recent issue of Liberty Meadows. Published in early 2004, it finished Frank's news strip material and opened a new world of creativity for him. Unfortunately, Marvel also saw his great talent and signed him up for Shanna: The She-Devil, fill-in issues of Marvel Knights Spider-Man, and numerous covers. His latest project is an arc of New Avengers focusing on Spider-Woman and a new, not yet revealed, project.

I am really happy for Frank's success. Jim and I were privileged enough to meet him at the Seattle Comicard Show three years ago and spend some time with him. He is a wonderful guy who puts his family first as it should be. He has an interesting background, and is so talented it is unreal. I have nothing but respect for him.


I miss Liberty Meadows, dammit!

Jim and I were joking last night that we should start a petition to get Liberty Meadows rolling again. While this idea entices me greatly, I just can't bring myself to do that to Frank. I have to respect his creative wishes and wait until he is ready.

What I want for Christmas is Liberty Meadows. I can always dream, can't I?

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