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Y The Last Man Theories: Who Killed All The Men??

Y The Last Man #1
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Have you been reading Y The Last Man from Vertigo? If not, here is the premise. All man and woman kind is having a regular day when all of a sudden, all the men on the planet die... with the exception of one. Yorick Brown is left sparred, and his journey of discovery begins at that moment. He goes to Washington D.C. where he meets with his mother, who is a congresswoman. She sends him and special agent 355 on a mission to find Dr. Mann and get to the bottom of things. Their journey is wrought with danger, as the world as women know it has been turned on it's access. The value of a man, and the women he encounters is as intriguing as it is surprising.

I don't want to spoil the various adventures, so I will summarize by saying that there are many interested parties who have a stake in discovering the fault so that the cure may be given. Issue 50 promises to reveal the reason of the death of all men, and issue 60 will be the final issue. Since issue 49 is coming out next week, I wanted to take the opportunity to guess at some possiible reasons for the demise of men.

1. Dr. Mann's father was a brilliant geneticist. Maybe he is still alive and is the cause.

2. Dr. Mann's father had a mistress. Maybe she is the cause. She is also a well known scientist with unknown ulterior motives and a spy in Yorick's midst.

3. Dr. Mann tried to clone herself. Maybe she released some kind of toxin into the environment while trying to give birth.

4. The amulet of Helene is a well known piece of mysticism. It is rumored that if it were to leave it's homeland that carnage and death would ensue. Well, it definitely left Israel, so it could be a cause. Unfortunately, the amulet was destroyed.

5. The Israel government could have something to do with it all. The most dangerous women soldiers hail from that area, and they seem to be hiding something.

6. The monkeys on the planet that have been experimented on may have something to do with it. Maybe something in their bloodstream was released, or was meant to be a carrier for the cure. Since Yorick has a monkey, it could be that Ampersand was a cure from day one.

7. It could be something that I haven't even guessed!

I am really interested to see what happens in issue 50, as Y The Last Man has been a very intense, addicting read for me, and all signs point to one of the above. My money is on the Mistress at this point, but I am prepared to be surprised.

Any theories I missed?

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