Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Take Reviews for November 12

Stormwatch PHD 1
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Rather then focus on one comic book to review this week, I had a hankering to touch on several titles, in the order in which I read them. It kinda sounded like a fun experiment, so bear with me!

52 Week 27: I totally loved the main story here, especially the focus on Ralph and the helm of Fate. This weekly series has been a successful experiment so far. I HATED the Black Canary two page back up. How in the heck can you make Black Canary look ugly? Evidently it is possible.

Y The Last Man #51: Yay! We figure out who killed the men, and more light is shed on the events that made it happen. I LOVE this book. The only bad thing here is that there are only nine issues left.

Fables #55: Another great Vertigo title. As the adversary and his circle plan the upcoming war, insight is shed onto characters that haven't had a lot of focus lately. Things are shaping up for another crescendo.

Teen Titans #40: Things are making more sense. I was really hating on the "One Year Later" storyline, but now events are coming to light that are sharpening the focus on a major knockdown-drag out in the next few months.

Batman #656: Grant Morrison rules! Part four of the Talia/Son of the Bat storyline comes to fruition here.

New X-Men #32: How can this book just keep getting better? Along with X-Factor, this is THE X-title to read.

Ultimate X-Men #76: The Ultimate Cable storyline feels like it is dragging out a bit. I do like the identity of this Cable though. Interesting twists on an old school tale make me forgive Kirkman.

Stormwatch PHD #1: Along with Deathblow, this is my other early favorite in the "new" Wildstorm universe. Christos Gage and Doug Mahnke have potential as a new team supreme in the making. Great dialogue and sinister art pair up to tell an interesting tale.

Gen 13 #2: I still can't make a decision here. Having been a diehard of the old Gen 13 series, a total overhaul is taking some getting used to. I am giving it one more issue to see if it sticks.

Green Arrow #68: The end of the "island saga" and it is about time. We see how Ollie makes an important decision, and refuses to compromise on his values. You gotta love Good Ol' Ollie.

Eternals #5: Argh! I have never read anything to do with the Eternals before so I have been consistently lost throughout the duration of this mini series. Hopefully next month's conclusion will make me understand. I feel bad being so lukewarm on a Gaiman/Romita Jr. team up, but I can't help it.

Superman #657: I feel no passion for this title. I try and read it and just can't get interested. One more month and I will decide whether to keep reading it or drop it.

The Punisher #40: After loving the last story arc, this one is a bit underwhelming. This issue was a step in the right direction of getting serious action going, but I am really tired of all the long story arcs in this book. It would do me a big favor if Ennis could do a few one-offs.

Martian Manhunter #4: I officially don't get this book. I hate this take on John. It just doesn't work for me. Can anyone explain to me why to like this title?

That's it for today. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Eternals. It just doesn't click for me. It's not terrible, but it just doesn't seem to be doing anything. And I'm a big fan of Gaiman.

Also agree with you about Y. I love this title. And I have to admit that I was surprised by who was responsible for the plaque. Maybe I was just figuring that it wasn't really going to matter who was behind it, I figured it would be just some government figure that didn't matter, so I was trying to figure it out. But either way I have to say I was surprised.

Heidi Meeley said...

John- it is tough to not like Eternals simply because I admire Gaiman and Romita Jr. so much as artists, but sadly, the book just hasn't been my cup of tea so far...

Y The Last Man is a wonderful title. Getting to the bottom of the mystery has been a great deal of fun. I was a bit surprised as well. It was a fun kind of surprise though.

Take care!

Heidi Meeley said...

Scott- I like the way you put it- a little too metaphysical. That is exactly it. Otherwise, Y is always at the top of my reading list.

Stormwatch PHD is definitely one of the best Wildstorm reboots. I am curious as well about the new back story and the explanation. It is tough to wait 30 days when a book is such a good read.

Take care, okay?

Carl said...

Hmmmm, welp, I've read a few books, not too many, been pretty damned busy at Run'By'Pri-- I mean, Toys'R'Us! I was enjoying the new Son of the Bat story in Batman then, blam, it just ended! What the hell was that?! This story should have had one more issue so the ending wasn't slammed in our faces like a big rude door...

And the disclosure in Y, The Last Man.... well, I've found it bizarre as hell and kind of sick. One sicko assclown science decided for all of us, welp, Hitler's got nothing on you pal. And he's got it all worked out? If I have all the details right, with all the things wrong with cloning and other methods, the human race would probably be extinct within a generation or two.

And I read The Punisher. I hated the last story arc, it started really good with Baracuda and then turned into a sitch that usually James Bond handles. Bloody war with the Russians or anyone else, now, that's what The Punisher does best...
Welp, must dash, later...