Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of Hellblazer Brings New Project!

Hellblazer 63
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As a longtime fan of John Constantine: Hellblazer, I was thrilled to see that Vertigo is going to produce an original graphic novel by Jamie Delano and Jock to celebrate the magic man's 20th anniversary. Since Delano was the series' first writer, it is only fitting that he take the reins.

The press release reads as follows:

"To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their longest-running series, Vertigo will publish HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM, an original graphic novel by the series’ first writer, Jamie Delano (HELLBLAZER, OUTLAW NATION), and illustrated by Jock (THE LOSERS, GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE). The project was announced today by Karen Berger, the Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of Vertigo, during the San Diego Comic Convention.

Jamie Delano began writing Hellblazer with its debut issue in 1988 and continued for the title’s first 40 issues. Previously only a secondary character in Alan Moore’s historic run on Swamp Thing, Delano was able to flesh out the John Constantine character within the space of his own title and is responsible for much of the character’s deep and vibrant backstory. In the 20 years since its debut, Hellblazer has been written by many of comics’ biggest names, including Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzarello, Warren Ellis and others. Jamie Delano’s return to the character in HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM will celebrate the title’s entrance into its third decade of continuous publication.

When members of the Iraqi insurgency are found to be demonically possessed, intelligence specialists smell a supernatural rat. As parallels are drawn between the seemingly supernatural violence, ancient Babylonian legend and a remote, heavily guarded desert temple, it soon becomes clear that no one in the agencies is qualified to handle this problem: a private contractor must be employed. Databases identify only one potential candidate: John Constantine. Soon, Constantine is taken from the comfort of cold and foggy London to the brutal climates of Iraq, partly because of military coercion, and partly because of his interest in a beautiful – and above all else, mysterious – female Iraqi agent, whose true allegiances are kept in shadow.

Delano will be joined by Jock, whose critically-acclaimed illustration work in the Eisner-nominated The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One have cemented his place among comics’ hottest artists. In addition to receiving the National Comic Award for best newcomer in 2001, Jock was nominated for the best cover artist Eisner Award in 2006.

Celebrate the 20-year run of the enduring and acclaimed series, Hellblazer, with HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM, an original graphic novel by the title’s debut writer, Jamie Delano."

I am glad to see that Vertigo is going to spotlight their longest running series with a special GN. I wouldn't be adverse to more spotlights, so I am hoping this is the first of several items to come out!


Vaklam said...

Hell, yeah! I am so there.

I hadn't heard about this. Thanks for posting it. My wife and I will be the first two in line to pick this up.

Heidi Meeley said...

Vaklam, you have outstanding taste! (your lovely wife as well!!) This should be really cool, so I am really excited. I am glad Vertigo is choosing to do something to commemorate 20 years of a kickass magic man!

Nick said...

They should make a Showcase of Constantine stuff....seems like there has been enough stuff to fill one.

Carl said...

I been collecting Constantine for a long time now. I first lucked out and found the first issue at a con for a dollar while it was still usually on the wall books shelf for $40-$50 bucks. Since then I've been buying graphic novels and the back issues and of course the two paperback novels. Yep, I will have to get the new gn though I am way behind on the current issues...