Monday, July 09, 2007

New Comics for July 11

Countdown #42
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I am officially giddy- my favorite title 100 Bullets is coming out this week! If you are a mature reader and haven't been reading this title, you have got to check it out. My advice is to pick up the first trade and role that way rather then single issues.

Here is my lovely list of comics this week!

100 Bullets #84
Countdown #42
Fables #63
Gen 13 #10
Green Arrow Year One #1 (of 6)
Green Lantern #21 ??? (If Kyle is in it!)
Justice Society of America #7
Shadowpact #15
Stormwatch PHD #9
Witchblade #108
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: First Death #1 (of 2)
Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular
New Avengers #32- if for no other reason then to find out who else is a skrull... hmmm.
Punisher War Journal #9
Ultimate X-Men #84
X-Factor #21

That is it for the week- pretty much all mainstream and pretty standard. Hopefully the books will come in on time!


Eaglewing said...

I plan to do the 100 Bullets series by trades myself (as my budget provides of course :) I have the first two trades and liked them quite a bit. My kind of story.

Lisa said...

I agree on 100 Bullets. I read the first two trades so far and it's awesome stuff.