Monday, July 23, 2007

New Comics for July 25

Fallen Angel 18
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After a nice birthday weekend, it seems very difficult to think of anything that can top it. I am a lucky woman. Work today went well as I was still floating on a kind of cloud from a nice couple of days!

This week's comics list is a long but distinguished one. I am really debating about dropping some more books so there will be more on that in the next few weeks. As of right now, Blue Beetle and Countdown are iffy, as is JSA Classified. It is time to cut back again for sure.

For the time being, here is my list for the week!

All Star Batman & Robin #6
Batman #666 - gotta love that number... hmmm...
Blue Beetle #17
Countdown #40
Deathblow #6
Green Arrow Year One #2 (of 6)
Green Lantern Corps #14
JSA Classified #28
Teen Titans #49
Wonder Woman #11
Invincible #44
Witchblade #109
Amazing Spider-Man #542
Black Panther #29
Immortal Iron Fist #7
Mighty Avengers #4
Wolverine #55
X-Men #201
Fallen Angel #18 - pictured!
Queen & Country #32
Red Sonja #24

Yikes! Cuts are in order! In the meantime, this week's books will tell the tale.

Have a great evening!


Eaglewing said...

Quite a list. With #6 out now, does that mean we're closer to a trade for All Star Batman & Robin? Maybe next year? :) I've heard so much ranting and joking about this title, I'd like to read it myself.

I want to get a copy of Wolverine 55 just for the cover art. Wouldn't mind that as a small poster myself. And I guess the tangled story from Loeb ties into Wolverine Origins Annual 1 too (which I really liked).

Good luck picking the cuts.

Anonymous said...

I dropped Countdown last week, and don't miss it a bit. I suspect many others will be doing the same thing soon...which bodes ill for DC. Should be interesting hearing how Dan Didio spins this turn of events. As they say, it'll be like putting lipstick on a pig.

Yeah! The new GL Corps is out...more Sinestro Corps goodness (or would that be "badness"?).

Big week for me, too. I'll just barely have time to grab my new books then it's off to San Diego for my family and me. Yes, a visit to the Con is planned for Sunday! WooHoo!

Nick said...

Wolverine? Really? Your still liking that? I don't know, the story was crappy last I left it.

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing- I am keeping an open mind about ASB&R because I am interested to see where Frank Miller is headed with all of this. As a fan of his work on Sin City, 300, and Dark Knight, I am always fascinated by the man.

As for Wolverine, it should be a hit or miss with issue 55. Evidently there are revelations aplenty, so I am anxious to see what they are.

Cutting books stinks, so thank you for the well wishes! I need all the support I can get. :-)

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, have a wonderful time at the big show! It should be a great trip for you and the family! I am jealous!!

As for Countdown, I am just so ill tempered about it! It is next on the hit list for sure. It really makes me mad to stop after buying so many issues though.

GL Corps should be a good one- I am following this one closely.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, issue 55 of Wolverine is my deciding one. If it doesn't all pull together, it will probably be in my next list of cuts. It is a shame, because Simone Bianchi's art is incredible.