Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad Weather Equals No Comics

road closed due to snow
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Because the weather has been so piss poor here lately, the mountain passes were closed yesterday and most of today. Because of this, UPS could not get their trucks over the mountains. As a result, we had no comic books today. Also, we do not know if we will even see them tomorrow.

That means I do not have the last issue of Y the Last Man yet. I am purposely not going to go to any other sites until I get it. I really don't want it spoiled for me after the long ride of enjoyment.

Don't be shocked, but I am actually not too upset about the lateness. I had something really good happen today, so it really outweighs all the bad.

Not much to say tonight. I am tired and hungry as normal. I will see you back here tomorrow with a progress report and will finally answer the comments. Take care!


John Holland said...

We've got bad weather here tonight too. Not snow thank goodness, but a lot of rain and wind. And to make matters worse, I'm supposed to head over to New Orleans in the next hour to go see Miranda Lambert in concert. I keep pulling up weather reports to see what's going on. It's bad enough that they canceled all the Mardi Gras parades for tonight.

Lisa said...

It's snowing here now too. And they say it will continue thru next week Monday. YUCK! It's bad for business too because only die-hard fans trek to the comic store when the weather is bad - unless we're having a sale.

Sorry you didn't get your comics. The Y issue was a good one (you can read my blog - I've not posted a single thing about that issue) But at least you've had other good things happen. It makes the sting of no new comics a bit less. And weather delays are far more excusable than late shipping for no good reason.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I saw on the weather channel that it was bad stuff there. I am hoping that you made it to the concert alright and had a nice time!

That is not good if they had to cancel the parades. :-( Is Fat Tuesday this coming week?

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, thank you for not spoiling "Y". I was so happy that I got to read the issue and enjoy it fully. Yay!

I saw your weather as well. You poor woman! I bet you are digging out big time. Be careful in that!

I didn't get upset at all about books being late because I knew how crappy the weather was. Natural disasters like bad weather never rile me up the way that Diamond errors do. Heh!

John Holland said...

The weather cleared up right before we finally had to leave and we made it to the concert without incident. The concert was great. Miranda Lambert is an awesome performer. And yep, Fat Tuesday is this coming Tuesday. But I'll be at work while everyone else is off having a fun Mardi Gras.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, I am so glad the Miranda Lambert concert was great! I was hoping you would make it there okay.

I am really sorry you have to work tomorrow. I am hoping people act decent instead of crazy. I have been to New Orleans before, but never for Mardi Gras. It is a goal... someday! If I ever do, I am going to look you up!!