Monday, September 12, 2005

Celebrity Fit Club to Return for a Third Season

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Great news for all you reality television fans, myself included. It was announced on MTV's TRL that Celebrity Fit Club is being renewed for a third season on VH-1.

The first cast member announced is D12's Bizarre. Large and in charge, it will be interesting how he stacks up against legendary fit clubbers Gary Busey, Willie Aames, and the lovely Tocarra (pictured at right).

As long as trainer Harvey Walden IV is back to kick some butt and whip the crew into shape, I will be there with bells on. I find Celebrity Fit Club both invigorating in the successes and supremely annoying in problem celebs like Aames and Daniel Baldwin from the first season.

If you haven't checked out Celebrity Fit Club, keep an eye out for it when it comes back this Winter or next Spring.

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