Sunday, September 18, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #2: Power Girl

Power Girl
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Of all the characters on my list so far, the one I feel I have the most in common with is Power Girl. This may sound strange, and you might think I have lost my mind, but it is true. Here is why.

1) I grew up on a farm and did a lot of physical labor so I have always had huge biceps and muscular legs. I still work out to this day, and a lot of men are intimidated to a point by the fact that my arms are more pumped then theirs. Power Girl has the same problem.

2) Men have a hard time looking into my eyes for, well, obvious reasons. Though I don't dress like Power Girl, it has been this way for many years. I hate trying to have a conversation with a fella and he can't concentrate on it because I have large assets.

3) Sometimes I want to feel feminine, but it is hard because people have a preconceived notion about me being tough and ballsy. Power Girl gets frustrated by this from time to time, and I understand perfectly.

4) Sometimes I act tough and agressive to keep from being hurt. This is the core of the Power Girl character.

Those four reasons alone give me an empathy with Power Girl I don't have with many characters I read about. Power Girl is a woman trying to make it on her terms while attempting to disguise how vulnerable she truly is.

Unlike me, Power Girl doesn't know where she comes from. Hopefully by the end of October, she will, as Geoff Johns is writing her definitive origin in JSA Classified #1-4. I can hardly wait to see her take the spotlight when she truly knows who she is. Rumor has it she will play a huge role in Infinite Crisis, and I hope it isn't one where she gets killed because I would like to see her around for the long haul.

Kara or Karen Starr, whatever her true name is, Power Girl is an enigma among heroines. She takes a lot of crap for her cup size, but is at the core, all heart.

Recommended Reading: All Star Comics #58-74, Adventure Comics #461-466, Power Girl #1-4 mini-series, Justice League Europe series, JSA #31-current, JSA Classified #1-4.


Carl said...

I've always loved Power Girl and not for the most obvious reasons. She was a strange mystery like Donna Troy. She was part of the pre-Crisis and post-Silver Age but never seemed to fit in clearly. Most superheroes are outsiders from regular society but always seemed alone and different. And the powers that be at DC kept changing her and trying to make her fit in or be a certain type of character. And I could really relate. Like her, I don't know my origin (I'm adopted) and I always had a time fitting in too. I was glad she found a home at the JSA and am enjoying her story in JSA Classified. Oh yes, my older daughter loves her and Supergirl and I got her both the JSA C. and the new Supergirl book. Here's hoping the JSA C. story does Power Girl justice...

Heidi Meeley said...

I am crossing my fingers as well that Geoff Johns' origin of Power Girl is a credit to her. I know that from experience, he cares about the characters he writes about so I have a good vibe about it. What does your older daughter think about the JSA C. and Supergirl titles?

That is so poignant that you feel the same way as Power Girl as to respect to your origins. Your children are lucky to have you- you are such a caring, great dad!

Take care Carl!

Eve von Ecken said...

Hi! I was looking your blog and I like it so much.
One of my favourites heroines is Powergirl, and I agree about all of your points about her.
Here you can see my Powergirl´s cosplay, with a friend of mine as Donna Troy: