Saturday, September 24, 2005

Harsh! Hated Female Characters #9: Starfire

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I know this will make me unpopular, but I have just never cared for Titan Starfire. I like her origins and was fascinated with the battle against her sister Komand'r for Tamaran, but the more convuluted her history has become, the more I have grown to detest the whole "hey it's we need an outer space arc, let's blow up Starfire's home" scenario. I also don't like how she is portrayed as being disgustedly likable while fighting a blood lust for justice. Sure that may make her an enigma at first, but after awhile it feels played out.

I don't hate Starfire so much as I don't have the same appreciation for her as most hardcore Titan fans do. As I stated in my favorite character list, Donna Troy is my favorite from that team, and probably always will be. To me, Starfire was an attempt to make the Titans more powerful and sexy, and while it succeeded admirably, creators other then Marv Wolfman just don't know how to properly utilize her.

Starfire should be, in my eyes, more the intergalactic hero then the token space alien on an earthbound team. I would love to see her work with the Green Lantern Corps since it has started a comeback. Also, as seen currently in the Rann-Thanagar War, her sister is stirring crap again, so I would appreciate Starfire being closer and more able to police her. Another character I would like to see Starfire interact with is Adam Strange. I have a vision of a team or council comprised of Strange, Starfire, a couple of Green Lanterns, a Thanagarian, Tigorr, and Captain Comet. Maybe we could throw in Maxima for some comedy relief, as the villain Starfire easily defeats- kind of a road runner scenario.

If Starfire remains on earth, I would like to see her either have a job of sorts- modeling?- or live at a headquarters full time. I also would like to see her have a relationship with someone other then Nightwing. I was never a big fan of that romance, and would rather see her with a heavy hitter. Single, Starfire is a threat to other female characters because of her obvious charms, so a relationship would allow her more interaction with other women in the DCU.

Starfire as portrayed by Wolfman and penciler George Perez is classy and untouchable, eliciting a drool from the male characters, while they also feel a bit of fear. Other creators have let her barely-there outfit and boobies get in the way of developing more of a persona. To me, Starfire will always be considered a hottie, but I like it better when she comes off as more intelligent and strategic.

Starfire doesn't float my boat for sure, but there are still characters on my list to come that rankle me more. Tune in for more hate and more constructive criticism as I continue the countdown of disgust.

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