Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #1: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
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I know this comes as no surprise to anyone, but Wonder Woman is my favorite female character. From the first time I laid eyes on her back in 1974, I have been captivated by her. To this day, I continue to be inspired by her strength, both in conviction and physical might. Wonder Woman takes a stand and sticks by it, which is one of the hardest things in life to do.

Her relationship with other heroes is unique in a way that is both revered and ridiculed. She preaches sisterhood, and some of her fellow heroines are underwhelmed, while others will follow her lead to the end of the earth. With men it is a different story. Some fall speechless, while others overcompensate. Princess Diana is beautiful and articulate, and many men fall for her physical perfection. Other men are cautious of her and suspicious, and would like to dominate her. Wonder Woman has so many layers to her that she provokes a reaction even if she is standing still.

Since her history is so well known, let's consider her present and future. Writer Greg Rucka has brought back a focus on her Greek roots, and the Gods play a big part in her actions. Diana has a new edge to her as well. Kill or be killed seems to be the new mantra. I don't know where this new conviction will take her, but in the upcoming Infinite Crisis, I fear the worst will happen.

Rumor is it that her series is being rebooted and that the changes will be plenty. One thing I know for certain is that I will continue to follow her exploits and be fascinated for years to come. It's Wonder Woman for Hera's sake!

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