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Favorite Female Characters #9: Tulip from Preacher

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Preacher is in my humble opinion, one of the greatest titles to come out of the Vertigo/DC line up along with Sandman and 100 Bullets. Written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon, the comic book followed the adventures of Jesse Custer and his friends Tulip and Cassidy as they sought to make God come clean about a number of issues and help the word of God in Jesse's head find a new home. Part satire, part western, Preacher treaded and sometimes crossed the line of what is deemed moral in these strange times.

Tulip was the lead female of the book, and her relationship with Jesse, the love of her life, and Cassidy, a vampire who had gotten very lost in life, gave the book heart. Tulip has never been afraid to tell it like it is.

Raised by her dad until he had an untimely accident, Tulip was raised as a son and told girls could do anything boys could. Tulip has suffered many hardships and seen many things people should never have to, but has come through the other side alright.

Ennis' focus on Jesse and Tulip's relationship was dead on. Their love for each other through thick and thin drove them both. Jesse would worry for Tulip's welfare after seeing her being shot in the head, and Tulip would get upset at his lack of faith. They punished each other at times, but always ended up getting back together. Many readers I have talked to have told me that the relationship these two have reminds them of their own.

Tulip is an excellent marksman for the most part, and keeps a cool head in perilous situations. She is fearless and wants to stand by her man no matter what happens. She is true to her friends, and is quite shattered at Cassidy's clumsy attempts to steal her away from Jesse.

If you are an adult who has never read Preacher, you owe it to yourself to see the incredible relationship Tulip and Jesse have. You also should get to know this down to earth lady who knows how to live life, and has been through the lowest of the low only to come through the other side in one piece. Though she will never forget the horrible things that have happened to her along the way, in her mind they have only served to make her stronger.

Tulip is fearless and vulnerable at the same time. She is not to be trifled with, but to be respected.

Pick up any one of the Preacher trade paperbacks today. My favorite is "Until the End of the World", but all the trades are fantastic, and Preacher stands to me as one of the best pieces of writing in modern times.

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