Thursday, September 15, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #6- Deena Pilgrim

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Writer Brian Michael Bendis strikes again on this list with Deena Pilgrim from Powers. Deena is as ballsy and bad ass as it gets. She has a dynamic personality and sometimes it wins the day while other times it backfires on her. She is perfectly suited to the detective work she does in the homicide division of her metropolitan police department.

Deena is paired up with former power (short for super powered individual) Christian Walker. The two work well together, and despite some hairy situations, continue to team up on spotlight power homicides. They have solved the most difficult of cases, many time in great peril. Deena has been hospitalized and almost died, but isn't afraid to put herself out there again.

I love the weeks Powers comes out at my local comic shop. Each issue is cleverly written and drawn, and there is always a deeper plot going under the smaller ones. I can always expect the unexpected. Deena is the star of the book in many respects, and shares the lead with Walker. Their chemistry and the complicated cases they must deal with make them unique and compelling in comics today.

If you are looking for a wonderful female character to discover, Deena is it. She is fearless and unimpressed by the powers she deals with. Lately she is having major issues of her own that have deepened and given dimension to her character. I appreciate the dynamics of her relationships with others and enjoy the fact that she says exactly what is on her mind. Deena has my vote for most interesting new female character for sure.

Recommended Reading: Powers TPB's as follows- Who Killed Retro Girl, Roleplay, Little Deaths, Supergroup, Anarchy, Sellouts, Forever, and Legends.

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