Thursday, September 08, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #11: Dawn

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Joseph Michael Linsner has a healthy respect for women, and that translates to his comic book character Dawn. Goddess, whore, or madonna, there is a little Dawn in all of us. Curvy and realistic, Dawn appeals to men and women alike.

First seen as the cover character in Cry For Dawn, a horror anthology, Dawn emerged a short time later in her own limited series from Sirius Comics. Lucifer's Halo trade paperback is consistently a top seller to this day, both for the incredible art and the spot-on storytelling.

Dawn moved to Image Comics after this, and Linsner took his prints and non-comic merchandise to his own imprint His next mini-series Return of the Goddess is a darker tale. Witches are being killed and one calls upon Dawn to help them. Vengeance and fury are thick in this tale that teaches the readers exactly why you don't want to make Dawn cry.

The current mini-series just ended last week with issue 6. It is called Three Tiers and focuses on Dawn's lover Darrian Ashoka and his journey in search of himself and Dawn. When each issue would come out, it was always one of the first couple I would have to read right away. there is also a hardcover and a TPB coming out soon- grab it if you get a chance.

Dawn is a goddess in many ways. She is righteous and gets angry at times. She is sweet but will cry if someone she loves hurts her. You do not want to feel her wrath, but if she loves you she will take you to heaven and back.

Many women love Dawn, who was originally perceived as a bad girl character. We look past her outfits to her heart and her intent. There is a little bit of Dawn in all of us, and Linsner understands that completely. There is no more a devoted follower then a Linsner Dawn fan, and there is a definite reason why.

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Betzybu said...

I was looking for some Dawn Info. and I found your blog... It's nice to see girl review's on comic books it is so refreshing, absolutely lol.

Hope to read more from you! o[^___^]/