Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Favorite Female Characters #7: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones 1
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Jessica Jones is a newer character in the Marvel Universe, but one of the most compelling I have encountered in a long time. Her first series was titled Alias and it was published through the Max line. Created and written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jessica is a woman with many layers.

When we are first introduced to Jessica, her life is at a low point. She drinks and smokes way too much and finds herself looking for male companionship to ease her loneliness. As a private eye, Jessica is in a hazardous job, and there isn't a lot of gratification. Though she has super powers, she forgos them in search of normalcy.

Jessica had been a costumed hero called Jewel and later Knightress. Her career ran into a major snag and she avoided the hero lifestyle. As the Alias series unfolded, Jessica renewed friendships with Carol Danvers and Luke Cage. This has lead to some opportunities and fellowship that have had interesting results.

Jessica has found her own inner strength and become a hero in her own right through her deeds. Through her relationships and adventures, she has found a semblance of hope, and has matured as a character. I like her because she has super powers but is very human. Bendis has a gift for great characterization, and I feel that Jessica Jones is his masterpiece. She feels like someone I would be friends with, which is rare to me in a character.

After the Alias series ended, Marvel relaunched Jessica with the bi-monthly series "The Pulse". Jessica is currently expecting Luke Cage's child and is in a committed relationship with him. Issue #11 of The Pulse came out today and it is part one of two featuring the birth of said child. That should be an emotional and traumatic event is Marvel and Bendis are playing a part. I am secretly wishing for a sweet little story but am not holding my breath.

Recommended Reading: Alias #1-28, The Pulse #1-11.


Carl said...

One of my favorite Marvel books of all time and a nice twist on being a "former Avenger". I did quit The Pulse during the "Secret War" before sadly giving up my collecting. Still, a great character that lives and breathes...

Heidi Meeley said...

Amen Carl! Jessica is definitely one of my favorite "newer" characters. I have really enjoyed how seamlessly she has fit into the Marvel Universe, though I did prefer the hard edge of the Alias title.

Take care Carl! Good to hear from you!