Friday, September 30, 2005

Harsh! Hated Female Characters #6: X-Stacy

Uncanny X-Men 399
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Without a doubt, short-time X-Men member X-Stacy has got to be the worst cast member of that team yet. Completely unredeemable and unremorseful, Stacy first met the X-Men when they went undercover in the mutant brothel she was employed at. Not a great start, right?

It doesn't get much better in that Stacy is as abrasive as it comes. Full of herself, and obsessed with using her power of touch, Stacy alienates her team members almost immediately. The ironic thing is that for a couple of issues, she is the only woman with Angel, Iceman, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Chamber. Once she gets back to the X-Mansion, she immediately messes with Paige Guthrie AKA Husk. She is unusually cruel, letting the whole room know that Paige wants to nail Angel in the worst way. From that minute on, she couldn't leave fast enough for me. Luckily for me, X-Stacy's creator Joe Casey left the book and Chuck Austen stepped in and got rid of this pest before she got any worse.

To this day when I read those back issues of Uncanny X-Men, I just shake my head and remember that she goes away quickly.

I almost hated to feature X-Stacy in this list because she is such an easy mark, but I just couldn't ignore the horror that followed her everywhere during her brief tenure. Can you believe that there are Five characters ahead of her? The ride just gets bumpier, folks!

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