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PRESS RELEASE: Tozzer 2 TPB gets a full cover face-lift!

Tozzer2 TPB
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Here ya go, hot of the presses is news about the coolest kid in comics! I read and reviewed this book for 4 Color Review, and really liked it. Without further ado, here is the official word.

This November, Ablaze Media launches Tozzer 2: Special Edition, collecting all 5 issues of the Tozzer 2 mini-series. This edition has been given a full-color overhaul by top colorist Eric Erbes.

"Ever since the black and white issues came out, we've been inundated with emails, all containing the same four words: GIVE US COLOR NOW!!" says writer Rob Dunlop.

"Fans wanted it and retailers wanted it," explains artist Peter Lumby. "But most of all, we wanted it, so we got in touch with Eric, and luckily he was available."

"Working with the legendary Rob and Pete has been a dream come true," say Eric. "They're both really talented, funny, good-looking, all-around great guys, and they were even kind enough to writer this quote for me."

Tozzer's a 12-year old boy who's enrolled at a drama school in Hollywood. When the school is threatened by a deranged film director and his psychopathic minions, only one person can save the day. Tozzer might not be that person, but heck, he'll give it his best shot.

Tozzer 2: Special Edition is a smart, funny, pop culture satire. The biggest stars in Hollywood are cut down to size, and movies such as Star Wars and The Matrix get a satirical pummeling. Creators Rob and Pete show no mercy, yet there's always a good laugh behind their cruel jibes.

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Take a look at this if you get a chance. It is a hilarious book, full of zany pop culture references. Rob and Pete show no fear, which makes it twice as much fun.

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