Thursday, November 17, 2005

Up and Coming Females #2: X-23

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A young, female Wolverine may seem cliche to some, but to me the new character X-23 is extremely fascinating. Born in Weapon X as the product of a cloning process, Laura is an enigma of sorts. Her "mother" was a scientist who was only allowed limited contact with her and later regretted it.

Stuck in the Weapon X facility, and forced to go on suicidal killing missions, X-23 really didn't have a childhood. She is relatively devoid of a conscience so far, and is as lethal as Wolverine in all respects but his experience level. Her instincts are incredible, and her personality is an enigma. There is so much left as a mystery to the X-23 character, that one can't help but be fascinated.

X-23 is evidently going to be a member of the New X-Men team. From issue 20 of that series, it seems that there is a surprise in store for readers with regard to X-23. She has been putting on an act of sorts to throw her fellow mutants of her trail but evidently Wolverine is wise to her. I can't wait to see where this story line goes.

I love the potential in X-23. She can go a whole different direction then Wolverine in the fact that she is aware of her origins. She is a stone cold killer, and it seems to me that she has unfinished business. For that alone, X-23 is number two on my list of up and coming females.


Melchior del DariƩn said...


I am liking your list more and more. (Red Sonja-- I loved her in '76; it's good to have her back.)

The X-23 mini-series provided her with quite a compelling backstory. (Who could read it and not identify with her?) I agree with you in liking that the writers have chosen to contrast her central conflict with Wolverine's: the key to him is his inability ('til recently) to remember his past; X-23's problem is that she remembers hers all to well. (I guess the fact that she was also raised from infancy to be a machine-like stone-cold killer is also a problem.)

My one fear is that because she's clicked with readers Marvel will go all Wolverine on us and deploy X-23 in every title they possibly can. They'll be too busy writing her guest appearances to develop the character or answer the questions that you raise in your post. Case in point: the Captain Universe/X-23 title had a nice buddy vibe between X-23 and the Scorpion, and the uni-power effect had X-23 looking kind of like Donna Troy, but in the end it left me feeling like I should've gotten more.

Heidi Meeley said...

I too hope that they don't make X-23 the utility character in every other title out there. She is unique, and her niche is in the New X-Men book, and hopefully another mini-series.

X-23 has so much potential, it is unreal. I hope that Marvel keeps her in the X-Universe and doesn't over-expose her.

I am glad you are liking the list- I am having a wonderful time strolling down my personal reflections of these great characters.

Have a wonderful holiday next week, by the way!