Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Response: Amazons Attack #6

Amazons Attack #6
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I just got home and read Amazons Attack #6 to see how this whole war ends. I read it carefully, trying not to miss a bit. I also tried hard to be objective, considering that I really like the creative team and don't want to give them the bum's rush.

My reaction:


This book was nothing but a set up for Final Crisis. What it has to do with the **SPOILER** New Gods remains to be seen but it definitely doesn't spotlight the Amazons or Wonder Woman.

I feel so used right now. The Amazons are in tatters and Wonder Woman is rudderless for this? So that another group of characters can take the spotlight?

All it does is confirm my worst fears. My biggest hope left is in Grant Morrison who is writing Final Crisis. My faith in him is the string that I am hanging from. His writing hasn't let me down yet, so I am hoping that editorial edict from above doesn't torpedo it.

On that note, I am going back down to the basement to find back issues. I feel much safer there. These are books from a kinder, gentler, less pandering time.


Carl said...

This is why I like the original things. Movies, TV shows and comics. If there is only one Star Wars Trilogy, there is no sissy Annie-kins that somehow (beyond all that is holy) becomes Darth Vader. By knowing there is only one Star Trek, the Enterprise was never destroyed and Kirk never died. In the days before every comic company decided to overdose us on crisis after crisis, Captain America is still alive, Iron Man is not a fascist thug, Superman hadn't weeped since the '80s, Batman is an unbreakable tower of strength and the JLA isn't falling apart every couple of years. I find it highly ironic that the only team that seems to be holding it together is the first one, the JSA. I remember one of my friends saying this was the greatest time to be reading comics. If this is great, I'd hate to see a bad time...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, at this point in time, I am really enjoying wallowing in nostalgia. I guess it either proves that I am old or that I am sticking to my guns or both. I can't quite decide what it means, but I know that going through my back issues has been a more productive, enjoyable experience then reading the new issues coming out. That is a shame.

Maybe things will get better??

Swinebread said...

..but this changes everything! -snore-

Lisa said...

I have not read the last issue yet, but I will. One thing I had said right away is that the whole mini-series was pretty forced. At first sure, I could buy that Circe brought Hypolita back from the dead and messed with her head. Then sure, I could see her going to get Dianna. But when Dianna wasn't even in jail anymore and ALL of the other Amazons refuse to see any kind of logic or reason as to what they're doing - that kind of lost me. It just didn't seem realistic at all. I don't see Circe continuing to mind-control Hypolita and the other Amazons, so I don't get what their beef even is anymore. This is when it seems to me that the whole thing is just set-up for some other event.

Lately that seems to be what the big 2 like to do - create stories, and even characters, for the primary purpose of having them for the next big event. They created Isis for the purpose of killing her off for the purpose of the World War III series that I'm sure will all tie into this final crisis somehow. The current BOP arc is a set up for FC, as is this AA mini, and probably a good chunk of these other mini series DC has starting in the coming months. Marvel too - with the Civil War and every tie-in and killing Cap and who knows what else, all seeming to set us up for a future event. Now, I don't mind them being creative and inventing new and fun characters and major event story lines from time to time, as long as they're good. But at some point it almost seems like it just gets out of control and all starts to feel forced instead of just being a natural evolution.

Part of me fears for what the big two are doing to super hero comics. Thankfully they both do publish non-superhero titles and many of them are quite good. But they're taking the stuff that got them on the map and just morphing it into something that is almost unrecognizable.

Nick said...

The best way to look at Amazons Attack's over now.

Like bad movies that aren't even funny bad, *cough* The Island *cough*, we can slowly let the painfully horrid story creep back from whence it came and replace it with happy memories of Batman punching out Guy Gardner or Ellis' take on Fin Fang Foom...

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I think you made very good points here. My biggest concern upon reading Amazons Attack was that it wasn't driven to further the characterization of the Amazons themselves or Wonder Woman in particular. It was an event that was used to set up Final Crisis. That blindsided me and made me very unhappy. :-(

There are so many tie-ins to Final Crisis, 52, and Countdown that my head is spinning. How does a person decide what they can spend money on?

Isis is a really good example of a character that had potential only to be killed off quickly. It made me sad, as she had grown on me. I know that she was the trigger to make Adam evil again, and she may come back. It just seemed like there was so much there to grow.

I know that comics are cyclical, so I try and not worry about it too much, but I am truly concerned with the fact that I can't afford to buy all the books it will take to stay in the know of what is going on. That really bothers me. It seems like you can only be a fan if you can really afford it.

It should be an interesting six months...

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, you are right. I need to focus on the positive instead of wallowing in the mud. Batman punching out Guy Gardner is truly a great moment and Black Canary's reaction along with Blue Beetle just brings it home!!