Sunday, August 05, 2007

Random Thoughts and Musings

Jim and I just got back from the Tri-Cities, where we got him measured for the tuxedo he will be wearing at his brother's wedding next month. It wasn't too bad of an adventure as I got chicken teriyaki and a trip to Barnes & Noble out of it. I had gift certificates from Christmas that I hadn't got to spend yet, so it was nice to head over there.

The bad news is that my future sister-in-law's bridal shower was yesterday and I spaced it out. The saving grace is that I am 2700 miles away and couldn't have possibly attended. It is bad though that I didn't send anything. I will be making up for that this afternoon. God, what an airhead!

I am really pleased that I was able to pick up DC Comics Covergirls by Louise Simonson today. I have REALLY wanted to get this book but could never find it locally, so this was thrilling. I can hardly wait to read it all the way through! Simonson is a neat lady, and I am glad she wrote a book like this. The book looks great from first browse, so it should be a treat.

Looking around the internet, it appears that everyone is recovering from San Diego Comicon and gearing up for Wizard World Chicago. As a person who is attending neither, I can only sit and read the news reports, hoping for tidbits about the Amazon Princess and Black Canary, to name a few.

Over at Sequentially Speaking, Lisa has a thought provoking post about comic shops closing. She makes a great deal of sense, that Lisa! Go check it out.

I don't have much more on my mind today comics-wise, so I will keep this short. I have so much to do before work tomorrow that it is the focus. I will admit to being Twitter addicted already, as it is sooooo quick and easy to use. Jeez, first ComicSpace, then My Space, and now Twitter. I have really got to get a life! Heh heh.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Tomorrow I will be back with my comic list for the week!


Eaglewing said...

Thanks, that reminds me I have a gift card for Chapters from Christmas I haven't used yet. I need to remedy that. They've got some comics/trades now, so maybe there'll be Christmas in August! Enjoy your new book - looks interesting.

I never got the allure of MySpace or Facebook, and I lead way too boring a life to use Twitter. However, I read through yours and I agree - Coy / Vance Dukes is just NOT Dukes of Hazzard. At least they never tried to replace Catherine Bach :)

Lisa said...

Your comic book store people wouldn't order it for you? Oh well, it's a nice use of gift certificates. I've only paged through it myself, but it is a beautiful book.

I'm working on trying to figure out if I can twitter from my cell from Wizard World Chicago. Updates as they happen!!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, you better go spend that gift card before the value starts going down. If it is like the gas card I got for Christmas, it started losing value after six months which made me so mad. Be careful with those pesky gift cards and their expiration times.

I am excited about my new book and looked through it last night. There is stuff in it that I want to talk about here, so hopefully I will get to it sooner then later.

You are awesome to agree with me about Coy and Vance! They just couldn't replace the originals! Too true about Catherine Bach- in the Dukes movie, Jessica Simpson could NOT hold a candle to her. It was a bad situation.

Thank you for the awesome input, my friend!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, my retailer is a nice lady, but she is busy with so many other things like coins and swords that comics are not her priority. That is why I want to move to your town!! You would have ordered it for me! I was so happy to finally get a copy that I could hardly stand it.

Let me know if you can get your cell to Twitter- I was going to try and do the same thing but am a bit hesitant. I would think it was fantastic if you twittered from the floor at WW Chicago!! Wow.