Friday, August 17, 2007

How Cool is This? Women in Comics Circa 1982

Looking around at several sites, my attention was brought to the amazing set of pictures by Alan Light of the 1982 San Diego Comic Con. There are something like 165 pictures in that set and it is absolutely incredible. Light managed to capture the biggest of the big creators. It was as if he caught lightning in a bottle. I am really impressed by the fact that Light put these pictures online in his Flickr account and is willing to share them with others. The pictures say so much about the moment. Mostly it really makes me wish I would have been there.

I LOVE the picture of the Women in Comics panel. In my mind it shows that females are not newcomers to the industry by any means. Just look at the list of incredible women pictured as follows:

"The women In comics panel at the 1982 San Diego Comic Con (today called Comic-Con International). From left to right: Dori Seda (1951-1988, can only be seen partially), Unknown, Unknown, Trina Robbins, Carol Kalish, Jo Duffy, Lee Marrs, Catherine Yronwode, Carol Lay, Terry Boyce, Melinda Gebbie. "photo by Alan Light"


Trina Robbins continues to knock my socks off today. She is a legend at this point, and my hat is off to her for her talent. I was also impressed to see Jo Duffy, who has been a favorite writer of mine. Seeing Melinda Gebbie of Lost Girls fame is staggering as well. Her talent is awesome. The list continues and amazes me. It rang my bell seeing Lee Marrs. What a cool lady she is- her artwork is sweet. Carol Lay is also an artist. Check out her site here.

Carol Kalish worked in the business end of things as a Vice President at Marvel and her life ended way too soon. Dori Seda was another lady taken from us much too soon. I hadn't known about Catherine Yronwode before seeing the picture, but I googled her and found out she is a complex, fabulous woman. She works in production at Claypool Comics and has two online businesses. Busy lady. Unfortunately I couldn't find out anything about Terry Boyce, so fill me in if you know her story.

We need to remember we are not the first nor are we the last females to love the medium. As we look to the future we need to remember that there were women in the business working in all aspects from creative to business. We need to consider how to keep the flame of these ladies alive by emulating their grace and appreciating that they have been there before. Last but not least, we need to focus on solutions rather then the problems. Seeing this picture makes that crystal clear to me.

I would like to formally bow to these outstanding women. Thank you.


Lisa said...

Awesome! Great post. thanks Heidi!

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you Lisa! I had a lot of fun looking at the old pictures, and this one really stood out for me. It made my day in so many ways!