Monday, August 06, 2007

Rock of Love: Rodeo's Stunning Exit

Rodeo exits
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I am SHOCKED that Rodeo went home last night. I can't get over it. As a more mature lady, I felt a kinship with Rodeo and appreciated her essence. I also empathised with how hard she works out and how goal oriented she is. I really felt that she would make a perfect partner for Bret.

I was wrong.

Bret let Rodeo go in a dignified manner, and shed a few tears, so I forgive him. He made a good decision as Rodeo was missing her son so badly, and it turns out that her son was ill and needed his mom. I am glad that she was able to go home to her little boy.

But still!! I was sure Rodeo was going to win.

Tonight I am taking a moment to reflect on Rodeo's exit. Tomorrow I will post my thoughts on the rest of the episode and my thoughts about the remaining ladies in general.


Lisa said...

I saw the end of this ep and thought of you right away, Heidi, because I know you had a soft spot for Rodeo.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, you are so sweet! I was CRUSHED when Rodeo went home. She is hilarious and sweet and a big reason for me to enjoy the show. I am hoping she comes back before the end as a surprise!!

Jake said...

I gotta disagree. First off, I think VH1 is looking for someone who can become some kind of personality for the network (like, god forbid, New York from Flavor of Love), and Rodeo isn't sexy enough for that. Second, they telegraphed her leaving pretty hard with all the "we can watch our kids play underneath a rainbow forever LA style" garbage. That couldn't last into upcoming episodes.

athemermaid21 said...

You should write to her on myspace, shes such a wonderful woman, wrote to her about what a big fan I was of rock of love and how I thought she would have been perfect for bret. She wrote me back telling me how she felt about her departure and her son, etc. Wish she was still on, now his only hope at true love is jes.