Sunday, August 19, 2007

Headache From Hell: Time for Some Frank Talk..

Here I sit on a Sunday afternoon with a headache that will not go away. That makes me very cranky. It also makes me dread talking about anything on my blog because I know I won't be in a good mood, which means I won't spread anything positive. My gut says to run with it anyway and give a one sentence take on each book sitting in my pile based on first look-through. Scared yet? I know I am.

Countdown #37: I am so disappointed in this book so far.

Justice League of America #12: Roy and Hawkgirl humping: oh hell no!

Amazons Attack #5: Embarassing for diehard Wonder Woman fans who have begged their fellow fans to read about her.

Black Canary #4: Most obvious ending ever.

Captain America #29: Thank God for Ed Brubaker.

The Flash #231: My opinion is really divided here- this one really needs a second read through.

Army @ Love #6: Excellent stuff.

Checkmate #17: An extremely enjoyable read.

Booster Gold #1: This is just what I have been needing to snap me out of my reading funk.

Ultimate Spider-Man #112: This book is soooo cute!

New X-Men #41: I gave up on paying attention to this storyline two issues ago so I am just glad it is over.

Wolverine Origins #16: Why not just reprint Uncanny X-Men #268... oh, well you did? Why rehash it?

Shadowpact #16: Everytime I try not to like Shadowpact, an issue like this comes out and reminds me.

Brave and the Bold #6: George Perez and Mark Waid are a winning combination.

Ripclaw Pilot Season #1: Haven't read it yet.

Loveless #19: There is so much to follow here that I am naming this my most confusing book of the week.

Rex Mundi #7: A great way to finish reading- good quality material.

That is it for the stack. Uncensored first look opinions on the stuff I actually paid money for!


Carl said...

Hmmmm, welp, did Tampacon today, so damned tired my arms and chest hurts from being a giant and doing all the heavy-lifting. I wish you could have seen the cart load we took in and out. Imagine a Home Depot-styled long cart 6 long boxes tall and about 7 or 8 long. I guess that's moving between 42 and 48 long boxes sometimes by myself, yowtch! And I was pulling it with some help but on hotel carpets, it was rough going. I kept waiting for the tires to pop...
I haven't read anything I bought yet, the only thing I've read lately was The Boys (issue #9?) which I found pretty boring. Then finished up Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness so I could read the new AOD book that just came out. Pretty good. I also read more on The Luna` Brothers "Girls", some wild stuff, want to read the whole series now.
That's about it, Tampacon pictures up at my myspace...

Eaglewing said...

Thank God for Ed Brubaker indeed. (Criminal rules! :) Aw nuts on the Wolverine Origins comment - was hoping this next arc would start better and pick up the pace. Now they're just reprinting stuff? And with Guggenheim back on the main title with his absurd Logan dies theory, it's getting tough to get a good Wolverine story. Oh well, I'll just wait for the next writer and check out some other titles. Read an issue of Highwaymen and it's pretty good. And I'm reading my HC Punisher trade - the Slavers story - and loving it. I have to limit myself to an issue a day so it's not done in one sitting. Hard to do, but comics make the stationary bike exercise time go quick :)

Hope the headache pulls a disappearing act for you too.

Nick said...

Countdown is getting better then how it was....though that's not saying much.

Black Canary & Captain America...yeah you pretty much hit both on the head

The Flash #231: The story is subpar for Waid an Acuna's art doesn't jive with the Flash.

Booster Gold is LOVE!

Shadowpact #16: Mr Poopy Pants...heh.

I am glad someone other then me enjoyed this last issue of the Brave and the Bold...I thought I was going nuts. Come on....BIG PURPLE GUNS AND GUYS SMASHING THROUGH SPACESHIPS!!! Throw in a monkey with a shotgun or monkey ninjas and you have the best comic EVER!

Swinebread said...

glad I skipped countdown

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you big stud! Carrying around all that weight would have killed me! You are the man. I am going to have to head over to your myspace and check out your pics!!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, you are smart to read comics while exercising. It makes it go faster and makes it a heck of a lot funner! :-) Punisher Max rules- I am so mad that I still don't have issue 50. My retailer ordered it and said I should have it this week though- yay!

Brubaker is probably my fave writer at this time. He is funny as heck too- I was lucky enough to meet him a couple of times and he is really clever and quick witted.

The headache is much better, thank you!

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, I have to agree with your comments, especially with B&B- that is the killer stuff. I know it has been criticised, but I love it. I can hardly wait to see Waid and Perez' take on Power Girl and Wonder Woman!

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread: All I can say is "word".