Saturday, April 07, 2007

Emerald City Comicon 2007: Arm Wrestling Oeming

Arm wrestling Oeming
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
This is the entry I have been dreading.

When Jim and I read on the ECCC website that Mike Oeming was arm wrestling for HERO Initiative, we both thought it would be fun to have me try. I have been weight training and working out so I might have a crack at it.

Something kept tickling the back of my brain though. There has to be a catch. The guy has got to be a prolfic arm wrestler to take on all comers like he does. Do I even bother?

The answer was yes. What the hell- I didn't have anything to lose, other then my dignity, and that old girl was long gone around here anyway.

Sunday at 4 p.m. we were running back to the convention. We were a bit late. We could hear lots of noise and actiivity around Oeming's area. Sure enough he was beating pretty much everyone that challenged him. I almost backed out, but Jim wouldn't let me.

I went right after an older gentleman. He had surprised Oeming, so I was hoping to do the same. I sat down, paid my $10 entry fee and got Oeming to use his left arm.

We got ready, and Jim McLauchlin said "go". Oeming looked at me a bit surprised. I was holding my own. We both pressed a bit harder, hitting an impasse. It wasn't going to go further. A vein popped out in Oeming's forehead. I know one must have in mine.

Then I made the fatal error. I moved my elbow to get better leverage and he had me. I went down.

Oeming had won another battle, but not without effort.

Kindly, he gave me a page of Powers art and I was on my way. I was defeated but unbroken. It was all about 30 seconds to a minute of fun, and it made money for HERO Initiative.

It also gave me incentive to step up my workouts in preparation for next year. Look out Oeming, I am training, and then I am coming for you next year.


Carl said...

How odd, just last week I beat our resident Superman and Batman (for Heroes Alliance, a charity superhero cosplay group in the Tampa Bay Area) and they are body builders and I'm just old school Punisher muscle I get at work. Who would win in fight, Superman or Batman? NEITHER MY YOUNG FELLERMELAD! IT'S THE PUNISHER!!!

John Holland said...

At least you gave it a valiant effort and you got a page of Powers art. And it was for a good cause.

Sounds like the con was a great time.

p'La said...

Happy Easter Heidi! Tell Jim, Kirk and I wish both of you relaxtion for the day =D !!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, you are an animal. There is no doubt about it! I am very impressed to hear about this!

I always figured my old hay-stacking muscles would win the day, but I guess it has been too long since I did the real thing.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, looking back on it, I really couldn't complain. It was fun and the cause was worthy. It was way too much fun!

I wished you lived closer, as you would really enjoy it.

Heidi Meeley said...

Pamela, Happy Easter to you and Kirk! Jim and I are sitting around while I try to get better from a pesky head cold. Sleeping is pretty much my favorite thing to do after working out, so I did a lot of it this weekend.

Take care!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you held your own quite well. Next year you'll take him for sure - even with his right hand.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I am hoping to get a re-match and win next time. The guy is a ringer, so it is pretty challenging. I told my weight lifting partner that we need to go for it!!