Sunday, April 08, 2007

Emerald City Comicon 2007: The Big Wrap up!

Power Girl with Jim!
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
I just love this picture of Power Girl with my hubby, so I couldn't resist using it on our big send-off of this year's ECCC. I smile everytime I see it.

After losing arm wrestling to Oeming, I was full of mixed feelings, so I went wandering. I found my friend Pamela and told her about the whole thing and she was very supportive. Kirk had just finished Laura's Doctor Who sketch, and it was excellent.

Jim went off in search of sketches, and I wandered back towards our booth. I stopped by the Illusive Arts booth, where I received comfort and had a good laugh with Laura and all the guys there. They told me not to feel too bad and told me I had given Oeming a run for his money, so they made my day!

I picked up the rest of the candy I had and took it over to Matt Haley, who was finishing a Rogue sketch over in the booth he was sharing with Feedback. We had a nice conversation while he ate the candy, concerned a bit about their contents. Too funny.

Jim and I also FINALLY found our way to the Randy's Readers booth. It is our favorite comic book retailer at the con and we hadn't bought ANY comics yet. While there, I finally say Greg from Comics Should Be Good. It was wonderful to see him, and I felt terrible I hadn't found him earlier. It definitely sounded like he was as busy as we were, so it was like two ships passing in the night. I am glad we were able to chat even if it was brief. Greg does excellent work with his students, who are a great bunch of kids. There is an insane amount of talent there.

The show was coming to an end. I got one last quick conversation with Jonnie Allan, and before you know it the lights were dimmed and the announcement was made. The show was over.

We went to dinner at the Pyramid Alehouse with Kirk, Pamela, Joe, Shon, and Quenton. It was so much fun I really didn't want it to end. Jim Demonakas came over and told us that the crowds this year numbered in the 7,000 range, so that was good news.

After a bit too much wine, and an evening that went too quickly, Jim and I got up the next morning and had lunch with Brian before heading home. With smiles on our faces, and a lot of wonderful memories in our hearts, we knew this was a show we would never forget.


Swinebread said...

Good show and good fun! Thanks for the posts

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for the kind words! I enjoyed your take on the show as well!