Monday, April 09, 2007

Wonder Woman Writer News

I just got done reading the lovely Rich Johnston column Lying in the Gutters and he has interesting "yellow light" news. This means it could be true but it isn't substantiated yet. Take it for what you will.

"The next Wonder Woman writer, after Jodi Picoult and Allan Heinberg, is... Kurt Busiek?


For two issues. Tying into "Superman" #661. Maybe.

After that, who knows? Well, probably Gail, but let's try and preserve the illusion of suspense!"

Hmmm... makes sense. The only bad part of this is that I just dropped the freaking Superman titles. Crap.


"UPDATE: Kurt writes on Comic Bloc:

This isn't true, D.F.

Or rather, the pieces of it are, but you've built assumptions on them that aren't true.

The creative team that did SUPERMAN #661 are doing a follow-up to that story, yes. It is not true, however, that it'll appear after Jodi Picoult's issues and before the next writer's run begins. It's a two-parter being done for the drawer, for such time as it's needed.

As such, the next writer after Picoult will almost certainly be the next regular writer, and Richard's, Eduardo's and my story will come along sometime after that.

My DC source indicated that the story might be needed sooner than this... but the best laid plans, etc. etc... "

Thank you to Ragtime for the heads-up!


Nick said...

Ugh Busiek, ugh

Ragtime said...

The post has been updated, where Busiek confirms that he's writing a two-part Wonder Woman story, but that its being written "for the drawer" if they need a filler story later, not for immediate use.

So, no need to pick up Superman, and no need to worry about a third writer before Gail.

And again all is well in the world . . .

Lisa said...

It would be interesting to see Busiek's take on WW. Glad that ragtime says it won't be tied into Superman because I don't usually read that one.

Simone on WW is interesting too. I like her on Birds of Prey and Gen 13 and hate to see her leave B.O.P. But, Sean McKeever is a solid writer and I think he could do a great job on B.O.P.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick- hmmmm... I have mixed feelings as well. I am trying to reserve judgement until I see the finished product, BUT... I see your point.

Heidi Meeley said...

Ragtime, thank you for pointing out the update!

It will be interesting to see if the story sees the light of day....


if I have to start picking up Superman again!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I really was torn, because I didn't want to have to pick up Superman to read WW.

As for Simone on WW, I have no idea what to expect. I have high expectations, so I am worried about being disapointed. As much as I love her BOP and enjoyed her Deadpool, I know she can handle it with ease, so I don't know why I panic.

I am really curious to see Sean McKeever's take on the Birds. What has he worked on? I am blanking tonight.

p'La said...

Being that Gail tends to enjoy writing women with strength, I think she could be a perfect fit for WW, but I will hold my excitement long enough to get me into the door to add it to a subscription list.
Oh and btw Heidi. Kirk picked up something for his new sister and brother recently. You both may already have them, but you're getting them still next time we see you, so nana nana Boo Boo..
Hint: an autographed picture of "Rudy" , heh heh... just kidding! Hope you feel better soon friend

Lisa said...

Sean has been over at Marvel for a while now. He did The Sentinal and Gravity and some Marvel Adventueres of Spider-Man. His Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane run ends with issue #20 - so a few more months to go. He also did The Inhumans and the final arcs of Mystique that ended a couple of years back now. He also did an indie book - The Waiting Place.

He is very good with ensamble drama type stories, so he could do a great job on B.O.P.--I told him that he'd better! My only concern is how he does with the action - BOP is fun because not only is it a great cast of characters interacting with each other, but Simone is great with action too. I hope Sean can bring the action as well as the drama.

Heidi Meeley said...

Pamela, nice crack about Rudy! I can hardly wait to see what Kirk did... the suspense is killing me!

I do think Gail would do a great job on WW. I would definitely like to see that. I loved her Birds of Prey, Deadpool, and Secret Six. She is an incredible writer and I would like to see her portrayal of Diana.

Excellent thoughts, my friend!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I went to your link to Sean McKeever's site. Very interesting!

Thank you for the insight on his stuff. I have been very curious. I might go to my shop this weekend and see if I can pick up some of his material. It sounds like he is an excellent choice to follow Gail. Yay!