Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Thoughts and Musings

Hey there! I hope you all had a nice week and are enjoying a relaxing Friday evening! Here at Comics Fairplay, I am toast. Done, crispy, ready to be put on a plate. It has been a long week and I am pleased to see I made it through in one piece!

It's been awhile since I have sent link love to my fellow bloggers, so I would like to share some of that tonight. BUT first... the worst kept secret in Comics universe is confirmed. Gail Simone is writing Wonder Woman. Newsarama had the skinny.

Continuing at Newsarama, Tony Bedard talks about an upcoming Black Canary mini-series. It is about damn time.

Lisa of Sequentially Speaking has a new column up at that gives the skinny on doing an in-store comic related event. It is very insightful and a great read.

Over at Always Bet On Bahlactus, there is a great insight on the old school Black Lightning series and a shout out of sorts to writer Tony Isabella. That was some excellent stuff.

Mark at Comic Coverage makes me smile yet again with his post on the letters page that occurred a few issues after Supergirl's debut. It is a nod to simpler times, before the internet made our thoughts and feelings instantaneous. Mark, I really appreciate this.

At Polite Dissent, Scott takes a medical look at Amazing Spider-Man #539. It is an eye-opener and a reminder to me why I love Scott's site.

That is it for tonight. I was a bit brief, but sweet. Hee hee. Take care all!


p'La said...

okay heidi, still not sure if you are getting my email to your aol, but I know you have been racked this week, so I just had to send you this link to peek at.
After our conversation at the con, and knowing tonite's post was about links, I thought you might enjoy seeing it! heh heh!
Mysterious E.F

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi! Thanks for the link! I appreciate it!

Yeah, that letter was just too good to pass up. I plan on looking through a few more old letters pages. There's some great stuff back there from our comics commentary "ancestors".

I really enjoyed your postings on the Emerald Con, but haven't had a chance until now to let you know (hellacious week at work). Is it something you'd want to do again? How has it affected your site's traffic? I'd love to know if you don't mind sharing.

Kirk Jarvinen said...


Here's a link about special 2 for 1 POISON Concert tickets for this summers tour:)

I wonder if they will play Portland's Rose Garden Arena?

Did you watch METAL MANIA last night?

It was cool to see the VINNIE VINCENT INVASION video for "Love Kills" (love the scene were Vinnie is wearing Freddy's hat, sweater and knife fingered glove--and scrapes the finger blades up his guitar strings:)--and DOKKEN's "Heaven Sent" which I had never seen before.

Interesting that both of these bands had songs in different A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequels, isn't it? Freddy's lovin' the Hair Metal!

Heidi Meeley said...

Pamela, I have definitely got your e-mails. I really enjoyed reading them! I am hoping to send back one to you tonight, as I have all sorts of news.

Thank you for the link! I about choked on my oatmeal! You rule, Pamela!

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, you are welcome! I loved that post and look forward to seeing more of them !

I loved doing my Emerald City posts for sure. I felt a bit sad when I wrapped it up! I definitely want to do it again. I can't wait for another show!

It doubled my site's traffic, and somedays tripled it. It was amazing. I am still a bit in shock from it. I definitely know that having a presence at the show and giving away free comics really helped. Now if I can just keep it going... except for life getting in the way!

Thank you for asking!

Heidi Meeley said...

Kirk, I am so bummed- I missed ALL of Metal Mania due to family stuff. I would have loved to see those videos! I am glad you were there for me to check it out.

I am hoping to be back home by next Saturday so I don't have to miss it again. :-(

Thanks for the link, my brother! I am crossing my fingers for a Portland show. Hopefully it will come through for us!

Take care!

Kirk Jarvinen said...


I'm sorry to hear things are sad and uncertain in you life right now. I know you'll work through it all and come out on top, just wait and see!

Don't worry about missing METAL MANIA last night, I recorded it to DVD. I think I've got about 90% of the videos they've been playing so far, so I can make you copies anytime, no problem.

Good luck with the week ahead, and hang tough.

Heidi Meeley said...

Kirk, one of these days I may take you up on the Metal Mania offer! You are so cool, recording that stuff!

Things will get better, and in fact they already have. Knowing people like you and Pamela is a big part of it.

Take care!