Monday, April 16, 2007

New Comics for April 18

Ultimate Spider-Man #108
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Hey there! There is good news here at Comics Fairplay. My hubby said that if I did some entries early, he would post them for me. Mind you, not write them, but post them. This means that hopefully I won't feel like I am out of touch for so long!

There are so many new comics this week that I am slightly shell-shocked. I guess I will blame DC's World War III for this, and move along smoothly in complete denial!

My list for the week is as follows:

52 Week 50
Birds of Prey #105
Brave & the Bold #3
Ex Machina #27
Flash the Fastest Man Alive #11
Justice League of America #8
Manhunter #30
Nightwing Annual #2- FINALLY we get to find out what broke up Dick and Babs!
Shadowpact #12
World War III Part One: A Call to Arms
World War III Part Two: The Valiant
World War III Part Three: Hell is for Heroes
World War III Part Four: United We Stand
Girls #24
Invincible #40
Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures #6 (of 12)
Mighty Avengers #2
Ultimate Spider-Man #108 (pictured)
Ultimate X-Men #81
X-23 Target #5 (of 6)
X-Factor #18
X-Men #198
Fallen Angel #15
Red Sonja #21

This big, long list is going to be so nice to come home to. While I am gone, I can relax knowing that Jim is here to handle comics and my blog. It makes the knowledge that I don't know how long I will be gone easier to take.

Have a wonderful week!


James Meeley said...

Just to reiterate, everyone, I will merely be logging on to post saved entries Heidi has already done. I will not be writing them. Just wanted that noted, so anyone who might link her, knows it is her words, not mine. Thanks!

p'La said...

James, you have some fine words and opinions too! I will be missing Heidi but I am still rooting for you to get back on here at some point!

Lisa said...

I wondered how all these posts were coming up!

Last time I left my hubbie in charge of my blog he hijacked it. He did a good job mind you, and announced that he'd hijacked it so everyone knew, but still he did make some posts.

James - you could do some more song lyrics and post them here! That's quite a talent.