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First Thoughts: Wonder Woman and Amazons Attack

Wonder Woman 8
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I have been really looking forward to the "Amazons Attack" storyline, so when the issues of Amazons Attack #1 and Wonder Woman #8 hit the stands today, I was there like a shot. They were also the first books I read other then 52.

My first reaction: Holy Crap, these Amazons are a lot meaner then I remember. Hardcore.

My second thought: I wonder what the character leading the war is going to do and if that character will remain in Diana's life.

My third thought: Circe has a twisted sense of humor.

I didn't expect the Amazons to be so ruthless, and was a bit disapointed that Artemis and Philipus didn't get any solo time. I am hoping that will change in upcoming issues. I am also glad that Lisa left me a comment letting me know to read Wonder Woman first, otherwise it might have messed up my perception of this opening salvo. Thank you so much, Lisa!

I have read quite a bit around the blogosphere about a strong dislike for Jodi Picoult's run on Wonder Woman and that surprised me. I appreciate the fact that the book is back coming out in a timely fashion, and I am fascinated with Picoult's portrayal of Diana. She has obviously really thought it through. I would never have considered that Diana has never pumped gas and used a credit card, but this character has probably not had that opportunity. It didn't seem out of place to me at all.

At any rate, I liked the concept of "Amazons Attack" and am looking forward to seeing more of the surprise character and the interaction they will have with Diana.

Worst bit: the last page of Amazons Attack #1- Diana would never have called the person that derivative of their name. I was a bit disapointed in that.

I am hoping to reread both comics tonight or tomorrow and see if my initial reaction changes. For now, I am cautiously optimistic.


ShellyS said...

If Diana had just arrived, I would've had a better time believing her lack of knowledge of such things as pumping gas, but this book is current time (Donna didn't become Wonder Woman until the last issue of 52) and Diana's been living as a regular human woman for a year, not to mention the time she's been here before that. I just can't believe that this is the first time she's had to pump gas. Did she just learn how to drive? First time in a state where you don't get a gas jockey do it for you? I just don't buy it.

But that would've been no big deal if not for all the other insipid bits, especially when she dropped a man she considered seriously hurt a panel or two earlier simply because he made a sexist remark. If he was so badly hurt, she could've caused more damage.

This isn't slapstick. It's not even Archie and Veronica. It's Wonder Woman for Hera's sake.

I'm skimming the current issue just so I can get the setup for Amazons Attack. Pfeifer's writing that so I know it'll be better.

Lisa said...

boy. life on planet earth is pretty rough, thanks to DC comics. First we had Black Adam flying around the planet killing just about everything in site. Now we've got the amazons destroying the Capital.

Wonder Woman - Is it fianally going to be about Wonder Woman again? It seems like we've been going a long time with a comic book that didn't even have her in it.

Overall I like the story - but really I don't think it would be as good without the Amazon's attack part. I'll know for sure once I see how issue #9 plays out. The two stories together make a nice mystery story with plenty of action to boot. Not the best Wonder Woman story ever, but I thought it was fun and I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

Scott said...

Actually, Diana worked for quite some time at a taco joint, so while she *might* not have had to pump gas since cars are pretty irrelevant to her, she should certainly know how to read a menu and order something at a retail food or drink establishment.

Agreed on it being out of character for Diana to drop an injured man. Not sure what rules of war the Amazons of comics (as opposed to myth) should be following, but I suspect that their first action to be slaughtering civilians out of hand, as opposed to possibly rounding them up as hostages for their princess's release, is out of tune with all previous portrayals. Sure, ancient warriors were known to kill civilians after sacking a city, but even that was usually after the city had mounted a defense to a siege and refused an offer to surrender.

Rich said...

Nice points.

Still, this seems to me to be about changing the characters and traits of the Amazons - especially their leader - to fit the story rather than vice versa. I know that the leader appears to be under Circe's influence but still, no one else questions that?

Or the fact that Circe - sworn enemy for so long - is now an advisor? Seems wrong to me.

I had high hopes for this. Now I'm just hoping they don't do anything too stupid.

Heidi Meeley said...

Shelly, you bring up several valid points. At first I was very surprised at how naive she was. Then I thought about it- even when she worked at Taco Whiz she was living in the city and walking to work, so I really can't tell her knowledge of basic skills from that. I did find it very interesting though, because I would never have thought that Diana wouldn't understand the basic tools of survival for the average Joe.

As for the dropping a guy, I did think that was pretty corny. I am not very comfortable with Diana flirting like this. I preferred her flirting and relationship with Trevor Barnes to this. I enjoyed the way that Phil Jimenez crafted it. I am still a bit sad that they killed him off.

I will keep checking your blog to see what you think of future issues!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, I agree with you here. It is a bit odd to have Wonder Woman back out so regularly after such a long dry spell. I am thrilled and I am a bit fearful that my judgement might be clouded by my excitement about buying the book!!

The Amazons Attack premise is definitely an interesting one, and I am going to follow it closeley. Hopefully it isn't just a carbon copy action story and it will bring something new to the game.

I am also very interested to see what you think as this tale moves along. Hopefully it will only improve!

Heidi Meeley said...

Scott, I do have to agree that being confused about a latte didn't cut it with me. The rest of her "newness" amused me, as it showed Diana in a new light.

Dropping the guy was definitely out of character. Smacking him maybe. Dropping him? Nah.

The quick slaughter approach shocked me a bit and made me wonder how much pixie dust Circe has sprinkled around. I am very curious to know how much of the Amazon's actions are from old habit and how much is from them being ensorcled. It will be fasicinating to see.

You bring up several great points!

Heidi Meeley said...

Rich, I am hoping that the change in the Amazons is going to be explained properly in upcoming issues. I like Will Pfeiffer's work so I am putting a great deal of faith in him at this time.

I am with you, crossing my fingers that this goes well!

David C said...
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David C said...

I think it's fairly clear that the events of this issue are supposed to be shocking, surprising, and disturbing. What's up with it all? It'll be interesting to find out!

My suspicion is that the leader is heavily ensorceled, but the rest of them... maybe only juusst a smidge. These are a warlike people, and it might not take too much to push them over the edge.

Ami Angelwings said...

Diana flies an invisible jet. >.>

I wonder what it runs on since it's not gas apparently XD

Heidi Meeley said...

David C, I think you are right. God knows that this has got to just be the build up for the crescendo. I am really curious to see what happens next!

Heidi Meeley said...

Ami- Wow. Good point.

Maybe Diana just thought happy thoughts? :-)