Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quick Take Reviews for April 22

Nightwing Annual #2
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Heidi Meeley.
World War III: Books 1 to 4: This four issue tie-in to 52 was not at all what I expected. In my mind I had envisioned a kick-ass battle with a more intimate look at some of the “unexplained” storylines from this past year. What I got was the Martian Manhunter narrating while his odd change in behavior is explored. While I appreciated the little things, I was very disappointed that we didn’t get more details on Liberty Belle and Hourman getting married as well as Donna Troy’s decision to become Wonder Woman. I was also wondering where the details about the space survivors was. While I appreciated the art and the premise, I feel deceived when it comes right down to it. Grade: C+.

Manhunter #30: I LOVE the first page of this book. The expression on Ramsey’s face is priceless. Thanks to Javier Pina and Robin Riggs for that. If I didn’t know that Gail Simone was taking over Wonder Woman, I would push for Marc Andreyko and these artists to take over her title. It is all good and well though, for Manhunter will be back and hopefully with the same creative team, but knowing that the book is gone for awhile makes me sad. This has consistently been one of the best titles out there. Grade: A.

Nightwing Annual #2: I loved everything about this book. It is my gold star for the past couple of months. Marc Andreyko solidifies his place in my top writer’s list while penciller Joe Bennett and inker Jack Jadson blow me away with A-list art. The double page spread portraying the last moments of Infinite Crisis is unreal. I can only sit and gush about this fantastic piece of work that was a value at $3.99. Grade: A+++.

Justice League of America #8: This storyline is ten levels of improvement over the first one in my mind. Like writer Brad Meltzer, I am a huge fan of the classic JLA/JSA crossovers, so to see him add classic elements featuring the current team was a blast. My biggest question here is who is Shane Davis and how have I missed his art in the past? I really loved his art here and actually preferred his style to regular artist Ed Benes. I am cautiously optimistic that this story arc is going to kick major butt. Grade: B.

Birds of Prey #105: Another book I am really enjoying. I love the Secret Six and really appreciate that there is a crossover here. I also have to say that I am a big fan of Nicola Scott’s work. Scott and inker Doug Hazlewood mesh well, and I adored her rendition of Catman. Dead sexy. I am mourning Gail Simone leaving the book but am also enjoying the ride of this story. Grade: A-.

X-Factor #18: This title is my favorite X-book hands down. Peter David has infused the book with warmth and character, making it a book that I anticipate with great joy every month. The X-Cell storyline is a unique, and I like the fact that I have no idea where it is going. If you haven’t tried this book, you are missing something special. Grade: A.

Mighty Avengers #2: I kept reading the dialogue of this book and thinking to myself “Frank Cho had to have written this”. His fingerprints were all over the naughty, fast-paced dialogue, leaving me to wonder where Bendis was. Maybe they have melded like Iron Man’s armor and Ultron? I continue to be on the fence about this book, because I love the guys doing the creating, but it is hard for me to get past the nearly naked Ultron. How come they never make the dudes that naked? Come on, Frank- equal time for the ladies. Grade: C-.


Lisa said...

Yeah - What was up with the WW3 issues? It seemed like more of an expansion of week 50 of "52" than anything else. It told me almost nothing. I was pretty disapointed.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, great minds think alike! I felt letdown after reading these issues. I was hoping for full disclosure and got snippets.

I am just hoping now that 52 ends with a bang!

John Holland said...

I agree with you about Mighty Avengers. I keep reading it and it doesn't read like anything else Bendis does. This issue was an improvement over the first issue, but that's faint praise, since the first issue really was that bad.

Eaglewing said...

Managed to read a copy of X-Factor 18, and although I wasn't entirely clued in on the storyline - I've only followed it on the 'net - I was still able to kind of get it and still enjoyed it. The character interaction was great. The Madrox Miniseries was one of my favorites, so I think I'm going to pick up the X-Factor trades as soon as I can.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, it is so funny because I really want to love Mighty Avengers but I just can't get there. It hasn't rung true to me at all. I can only cross my fingers it will get better or just drop it completely... hmmmm..

I am really torn.

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, X-Factor is such an excellent book that I feel very confident in recommending the trades. It is absolutely brilliant in every respect. I am glad you enjoyed the issue!