Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Reasons to Spend Money: Wonder Woman Action Figures

Once again the DC July 2007 solicitations on Comic Book Resources have turned my head. There is a set of gorgeous Wonder Woman action figures coming out based on Terry Dodson's designs. Here is the skinny:

Designed by Terry Dodson
Based on the best-selling WONDER WOMAN series!
Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a display base.

Circe 6.625"
Agent Diana Prince 6.625"
Wonder Woman 6.625"
Donna Troy as Wonder Woman 6.625"

Advance-solicited; on sale December 5, 2007 o Action Figures o PI"

Lucky for me these won't be out until December, so maybe I can save my money. Man, these are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

The figures are gorgeous. The only thing I don't like about them is that most of them have the tilted hips thing going. Having recently bought a Batgirl figure that had a hip tilt thing going, I have to say that it really limits the range of movement for one of the legs.

Otherwise, they are the nicest looking Wonder Woman figurines I've seen outside of the New Frontier one.

Lisa said...

I thought these were pretty awesome as well. I'm thinking of ordering the full set for myself - luckily I own a store!! And I don't take home a lot of action figures.

Lisa said...

blake - we have had a hard time selling the New Frontier WW. People didn't like it around here. I guess that art style isn't for everyone. I loved it in the book, but wasn't a huge fan of the figure myself.

ShellyS said...

I am spending an f'in fortune on action figures this year. I just bought 3 Stargate series 3 figures, with a complete Series 5 set on its way (a pre-order). Then there's the 52 figures in 2 weeks (I want Animal Man, Booster Gold, Isis, and Batwoman, and I think there's a Wonder Woman, too.

Then in another 2 weeks come the 2 Donna Troy figures. In the summer, there's Stargate: Atlantis and JLA figures (Red Arrow, Vixen and Black Canary are the ones I really want). And then comes the new ones you posted here.

Aside from the expense, I'm running short of room for them all.

I really love the Diana Prince one.

Unknown said...

Lisa, I know what you mean about owning a store. Having all of the figures at my finger tips in my store makes it so much easier to resist bringing them home. It's great to go to work every day and have the things you love at your finger tips. Do you have a store on line or a brick-n-mortar store? I'm on line at

Unknown said...

OOps thats can't type this late at night.

Lisa said...

Enchanted - we're a brick-and-mortar in Wisconsin. is our store's site.

Heidi Meeley said...

These action figures are definitely gorgeous. I am sitting here trying to figure out:

1. Where to put them if I buy them.
2. If I can afford them.

Otherwise, my brain is saying "buy them all!!".

Shelly, I feel with you on the amount of good figures coming out. It is insane.

ShellyS said...

Heidi, I'm planning to empty some bookshelves and put in roomboxes for my figures. Right now, the DC ones are in a shoebox. Eeek. I'm actually going to get rid of books to make room for action figures.

Heidi Meeley said...

Shelly, LOL! I have the same problem. My shelves are full, so something has to give. Yikes, for sure! All these great figures are making life tough!