Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blog Positivity Day: Iron Man Teaser Poster Intrigues

Iron Man Teaser poster
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I am going to come right out and admit it.

Today I am sitting here finding myself strangely excited and eager for the upcoming Iron Man movie.

Yep, it's true. After seeing images coming out of the San Diego Comicon and reading interviews with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau, I am a bit giddy. It didn't hurt that Downey Jr. embodies Tony Stark in that swarthy, hot kinda way. Despite my doubts about Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, this movie looks like it is going to kick major ass.

This gives me a bit of hope and it also gives me something to look forward to in the theaters. Sure I have to wait until 2008, but it is a good feeling.

Yay to the upcoming Iron Man and scarily sexy Downey Jr. in the role. I don't know why I feel this way, but I am going to run with it for now.

Are you looking forward to seeing Iron Man? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I've always loved the Iron Man character, and I'm thrilled it the movie appears to be in such good hands. I saw the display of the original grey armor this past weekend in San Diego, and that just stoked my anticipation for the movie all the higher.

Downey is great choice to play Stark, both with his natural acting ability and the baggage from his personal struggles contributing to the whole effect.

Marvel just keeps right on rolling with character movies, don't they? Man, DC...let's get going!

Vaklam said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, too. I think Downey's going to do a great job and the FX look like they'll be fun to watch.

Iron Man's always been one of my favorites. I'll just read Marvel Adventures: Iron Man until the movie shows up.

Carl said...

Hmmmmm, welp, my thoughts? The first one? One word:


The second?


First, fix the current Iron Judas Man's reputation and return the pre-Civil War Iron Man and I will see the movie. Otherwise, no, I'm not going to see it unless someone buys my ticket. That's who I am. Never forgive, never forget and never surrender your beliefs...

Lisa said...

Carl - I don't think you should worry. My bet is that they'll have him all back to good old Tony before the movie comes out. Just like they managed to get Spider-Man back into the black suit right around the time of the Spider-Man #3 movie.

As for this movie - I think it looks pretty awesome and I'm very excited to see it.

I did read an interview where the director said the focus is on developing the character, not so much on villains. Which I have no problem with. However, many movie goers find this tedious and just want action. So, I hope they can put it together in a way that 1. stays true to the comic book origin of Iron Man as much as possible and 2. is also entertaining and has some quality action. I do think Downey Jr. is an AWESOME choice for Tony Stark and from the teaser bits I've seen out so far I think it really looks cool.

Unknown said...

Not only am I looking forward to the movie, I am also looking forward to holding a mock pro-Captain America protest at the theater.

Eaglewing said...

As someone who hasn't read any Iron Man comics, just followed events and read history online, I'm actually looking forward to this movie. I'd watch it for the cast, and any promo material released has gotten me intrigued as well. Seems they might be going with a Batman Begins type vibe. Can't wait to see a trailer.

Felix Turner said...

Who is the villain? Iron man fighting jet planes is not such much fun...

Nick said...

Looks awesome, Downey IS Tony Stark.

Oh, I took up your challenge too :)

p'La said...

Heidi, I could not agree more with you about Robert Downey... he is definitely the hot one to fill Mr. Stark's shoes & I am looking excitedly to the future of this movie. The trailer gave a tiny taste, but this girl wants MORE MORE MORE! lol

Heidi Meeley said...

I love you guys. Really. I mean it! Your enthusiasm is infectious. I can hardly wait to see this movie.

Carl, I am sorry about your ambivalence, but love how true you are to yourself.

To be upfront with things, I think Downey Jr. is pretty smokin' in this, and am pretty sure I can forgive him for getting crazy on drugs and hiding in a child's bed. Hmmm.... maybe I gotta think that through a bit more!

At any rate, I am really excited, and as my lovely friend Pamela says, I am ready for MORE, MORE, MORE!!