Sunday, August 12, 2007

Burning Questions for the Day

As I got to sleep in today, I was letting my mind wander with full effect. A few things stuck in my head that I have to get out.

1. How did Virgin Comics go from having Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra have a deep discussion about enlightenment and spirituality at the 2006 Comicon to introducing Jenna Jameson's new line of books there this year? Did they just decide that sex sells better then the path to enlightenment?

2. When did Mark Millar evolve from spindly armed friend of Grant Morrison who got to co-write Aztek to super ego comic book writer of irritating proportions?

3. When did blogging go from passionate hobby to non-subtle way to muscle into comic book conventions?

Those are my three burning questions for the day, my friends. Can anyone help me with the answers to these?


Gordon D said...

Here's my thoughts and answers - snark ahoy!

1) I am willing to bet that, yes, they decided sex sells...especially since Deepak Chopra seems to have faded out of public consciousness.

(And I doubt a comic version of THE SECRET would sell anyway)....

2) I have no idea - maybe he hangs out with Joe Quesada too much.

3) If you find out, please let me know - I would love to muscle my way into comic book conventions.

(I'll even settle for a Doctor Who convention :))

Swinebread said...

1. Bait and switch…

2. The Ultimates

3. I want to say about 2 years ago

Johnny Bacardi said...

I've been blogging since '02 and have yet to muscle my way into any I don't have a clue, in more ways than one...

Nick said...

1.) Well if given the choice between enlightenment or sex....well come on, what are most people gonna choose.

2.) Wanted, being considered actually a good comic...that was probably the beginning of it. Ugh

3.) Um....if I tell them I have a comic blog they generally laugh at me and make me pay full price, lol. Thank goodness I am somewhat associated with a larger comic website, lol.

Anonymous said...

1. Deepak Chopra was already pretty much off the public's radar when he made his appearance, and if there's anything comics will readily fall back on, it's mindless pervo crap.

2. Interesting question. Maybe it was when he stormed off of DC's "The Authority" and started his public feud with Paul Levitz, while at the same time launching his "Millarworld" message board. That seems to be when he really started making noise and gathering all of his Flying Monkey acolytes.

3. Another good question. I really noticed some attitude from a few of the more high-profile bloggers when they realized they were no longer royalty at the Comic Con...but just one more body jostling for a chair at a panel.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

hmmm, I thought that sex with Jenna was supposed to be so good that it would lead to enlightenment.

Ultimates, and a continuing work ethic that has has certainly brought a lot of his stuff into the marketplace.

3. Muscling in?!? Has Valerie over at Occasional Superheroine been strongarming you?;-) Seriously, most bloggers are one step up from mimeograph machines back in the 1970's, we just have a larger audience for our voice.

really, what is behind that third question?

Vaklam said...

Can't help you with the Morrison angle but Chopra has shown himself to be far more interested in money than enlightenment many times in the past.

And I'd comment on Millar but the restraining order prevents me.

Lisa said...

There must be something behind question #3 - were you with us in Chicago hearing about how easy it is to get a press pass?

As for #1 - it's always about money and what's popular

and #2 - I'm going to agree with Gordon and Nick

Heidi Meeley said...

Just to let you know my reasoning for all this:

Morrison and Chopra to Jenna: I think that seeking the path to enlightenment went over most fan's heads. Watching a Jenna DVD is a lot easier and much more banal entertainment. Though I see the reasoning, I shake my head at the shift in editorial content. I did enjoy your responses on this one- I can't imagine The Secret as a best selling GN, Gordon. Ink- I liked your thought that sex with Jenna was indeed the path to enlightenment. You may just have something there.

Question 2 about Millar: From what I can see, we haven't exactly started a fan club here. I think Millar is a bit overexposed and it isn't going to be any better with Wanted being made into a major motion picture. Much to my chagrin, the guy is probably here to stay, but I don't plan on buying his books. I am toast- take me out, I am done.

You did make me feel justified in the creepy horrible feeling I got when I found out he and Hitch were taking over FF. Vaklam, I forgive you for not responding because of the restraining order! :-)

Question 3 doesn't neccesarily come out of questioning the bloggers that link here so much as questioning the sense of entitlement that I get from so many newer bloggers today. There are also the old school journalists who are dealing with a loss of credibility partially through the advent of blogging and a switch to a less news oriented approach.

What got me was when a nameless blogger gloated about certain special privileges given at a certain unnamed show. We're bloggers, for God's sakes, not brain surgeons... well Doctor Scott comes close.

I just don't understand how having a blog makes us a cut above other fans. If I felt like it did, I would use it to my advantage, but I just don't.

Whew, almost did a whole new post there. Thank you all so much!