Tuesday, June 03, 2008

1984 American Bandstand: Madonna!

I just got my big pile of comic books from DCBS, so I am going to go be really greedy and sit and read them tonight.

Let me send you this killer blast from the past- Madonna on American Bandstand in 1984!

Scary thought: I remember watching this episode when it first aired and thinking that my life would never be the same. It wasn't. Thanks Madonna, for all those crazy black jelly bracelets, hair tips, and nutty jewelry.


Swinebread said...

Wow, I think I might have seen this too.

That takes me back too.

She was the Elvis of the 80s

Swinebread said...

I would add her performance on the MTV video awards of Like a Virgin blew me away too

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread, the MTV awards show where she writhes around on the floor is pretty damn memorable too! I remember sitting there watching it, feeling flabbergasted.

I miss the old, messy haired Madonna sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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