Sunday, June 15, 2008

Talking Survey: Spending Habits

After asking you about your spending habits in this economy, and checking to see what you think, and how you have adjusted accordingly, one thing really stuck out: you have been watching your spending habits all along, and have treated comics as they should be- as a hobby rather then as a life sustaining requirement. I was overwhelmed by the reality check, and am pretty much near speechless about it.

I am going to go back through the postings again, and make another post, but for now let me say this: I admire your diligence and intelligence in your comic spending habits.

Now if I could only get there...

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John Holland said...

Heidi, I started to answer your post about spending habits but it grew so long that I decided to make it a post on my Life in 4 colors blog. Sorry to make you jump to another place, but it got kind of long once I started thinking about it.