Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Comics for June 18

I went to Diamond's new releases page yesterday and it wasn't updated, so here I am today with the list. It didn't upset me too much because of the DCBS service I use now. I knew that I just had to figure it out when the stuff showed up, but being anal retentive, I am curious and can't wait.

I had planned to do a big post follow-up on my survey about comic book spending, and embarassingly enough, I haven't gotten there yet. I am now hoping to do it this Saturday. This week has been nuts for so many reasons that I doubt my ability to get home at a decent hour.

Last night and tonight I found myself at Costco with my workout partner, helping him to pick out and cart home 27 20' wraps of hardwood for his flooring in his three bedrooms. This was quite the fiasco to say the least. I am happy to be home now and know that he has all the stuff he needs to install his new flooring.

Now that you had to read my non-sensical ramblings, here is the comic list!

Birds of Prey #119
Brave & the Bold #14
Catwoman #80
Ex Machina #37
Justice League of America #22
Trinity #3
First Born Aftermath One Shot- cover shown
Anita Blake VH Guilty Pleasures #12 (of 12)
Incredible Hercules #118
Punisher #58
Ultimate X-Men #95
Wolverine #66
X-Factor #32
Fallen Angel #27

That is it for the list. It continues to be more manageable, which makes me extremely happy.

Have a wonderful night!

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