Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just Hanging Out!

The last couple of days have been nice even thought the weather is still bad. Not having to be places at a certain time is a luxury around here, so we have been reveling in it.

Yesterday we slept in and then we went to the post office. Jim had some art to send, so that was a priority. I couldn't believe how busy it was after Christmas! Then we made an error in judgment. We went to Borders because the calendars were half off. It took a half hour to get to a parking spot. Then it took two minutes to pick out the calendar, and twenty minutes to wait in line. Then it took a half hour to get home when it should have taken less then ten minutes. Not cool.

Jim really wanted to go see Valkyrie because he has an interest in World War II history. It was a decent movie, albeit a depressing one. Definitely not a date movie, LOL. Tom Cruise is one of those actors that irritates out of character, but always manages to capture whatever role he is playing. Jim found it extremely ironic that the cast was mostly British, considering the events of the second World War.

So today is playtime. I lifted weights and did cardio yesterday and will do the same today. I have to work off the cookies I ate! Then it is all about doing what we want on our own terms. I have been enjoying Facebook quite a bit. If you aren't on there, you should check it out. I like it a great deal more then mySpace, as it has a real time feel to it. It has been cool for me also because my high school class has a group and I have loved checking out my former classmates. I also like to stay in touch with my more local friends that are busy like me.

The one sad thing is that I miss my family. I wish I could have seen them this weekend. Thankfully, I know that I will get together with them in a couple of weeks after the snow hopefully melts!

Have a wonderful day! I am going to start concocting my best and worst lists of the year!


Kirk Jarvinen said...

Valkyrie? Jim, what were you thinking!!! You should have taken her to see The Spirit (like I did mine). Now there's a date movie for comic book people;)

James Meeley said...

Valkyrie? Jim, what were you thinking!!!

Um, that I wanted to see a GOOD movie? ;) Heh! Seriously, The Spirit has been getting universally panned everywhere. I'm a comic geek, but I also don't want to waste $16.00 on a crappy movie, either.

Good to hear from you, though, Kirk. Drop me an email sometime, so we can chat. :)

Eaglewing said...

Glad you're enjoying a bit of relaxation. Nice description of the Borders trip - I refuse to be dragged to a store on Boxing Day. No discount is worth losing four hours of your life for.

I managed to see Valkyrie as well and thought it was a great movie. I was glad they didn't all try to adopt a German accent and just went with solid actors, but the British casting is ironic.

Look forward to your coming lists.

Kirk Jarvinen said...


Who are you gonna believe?

Me, your pal, your gals brother from another mother, who would never steer ya wrong OR--
the opinions of an infinite legion of universal panners, huh? huh?!!!

I'll admit, I LOVE cheesy movies and I did pay Matinee price--but "The Spirit" is not nearly as bad as they say it is.

Infact, it's so bad in a GOOD way, it's AWESOMELY bad!